House Season Eight Review


Season Eight

The Final Season

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson
Certificate: 15
Number of episodes: 22
Number of discs: 6 (DVD)
Running time: 15 hours 24 minutes (approx.)
Format: DVD and Blu-Ray
Release date: 22 October 2012

House is back for the final season.

Season 8 sees Greg House (Hugh Laurie) in prison. At his parole hearing he is given 5 days to stay out of trouble or face being kept in prison. When another inmate comes to him to ask his advice about some symptoms he has got he has to decide to behave and get his freedom or help save the man’s life with the risk of staying in prison longer. He saves the inmates life.

His old employee, Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), and now Dean of Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital gets him released from prison with an electronic tag on his ankle to come back to the hospital and solve a puzzling case and help save a patient.

With no funding for the Diagnostics Department House has to try and find the money for the department and tries to find wealthy patients he can con so he can recruit a new team where they embark on a whole new batch of interesting, bizarre and baffling cases. After conning a patient to get the money to fund the department he hires his new team, some new faces and some old: Dr Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer), Dr Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson), Dr Jessica Adams (Odette Annable) and Dr Chi Park (Charlyne Yi).

When his best friend, Dr James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is diagnosed with terminal cancer this sees House go into meltdown for a great ending to the season and the series.

Overall, House is a humorous and witty medical drama and Hugh Laurie plays the part perfectly. House is mean, arrogant, rude and not the nicest doctor that you will ever meet but is very effective. While constantly trying to con patients and manipulate people into doing what he wants he actually goes out of his way to help people whatever the risk to himself.

Hugh Laurie is excellent as House. Having come a long way from Fry & Laurie where I thought he was an OK comedian he is a much better character actor and great to watch in House. As mean and nasty as he likes to appear he is actually very caring, although he would never admit it, and you just can't help liking him.

A great final season and highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray on 22 October 2012 from Amazon here.

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