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House Of Marley Positive Vibration Headphones Review


Reviewed by Joy Wright

House of Marley Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Earbuds & Turntables Inspired by Bob Marley – One Love Giveaway (thehouseofmarley.co.uk)

The headphones arrived in a cardboard box, with another inside emblazoned with House Of Marley and a cardboard slip.  Inside there’s the quick start guide, a charging wire and the headphones themselves along with a black cloth bag. The bag feels like it’s made of polypropylene, like surgical masks.

When I’m reviewing an item I like to see how intuitive an item is, so I went straight into pairing the blue tooth with my iPhone to see if it was as simple as I expected.  It was.  They were connected and playing their ‘on’ sound in no time. It’s a brief drum beat letting you know you’re connected, in keeping with the Marley association.  There’s a similar sound when you turn off the device.  I like to know I’ve turned off properly and I’m not wasting battery life so I like this feature.  There is a light showing the connectivity and status beneath the headphones.
There’s a power on/off button, the charging port, volume up and down and a built in microphone.   It’s pretty simple and I feel most people would find it really easy to set these up and be using them in no time.

From a quality point of the view the sound is good.  Audio is clear and crisp, the quality is high and the headphones are comfortable.  They have multiple planes of adjustment but lack horizontal rotation twist.  Most people wouldn’t notice this, there’s generally enough play in the headband adjustment and the vertical flexibility to achieve a comfortable fit.

The audio seems marginally more distant than some other headphones which give more of an ‘in ear’ experience.  With these the sound is distinctly outside the ear.  The base is compelling enough to give a good audio experience.  I tested the headphones well and found a number of basey tracks, audio books and a couple of audio calls gave me a rounded view of the capability.  I also tested the binaural and 8D capability which were pretty fab and this is where the spatial distance really held some value.  The 8D makes it sound like music is pumping out in the room, instead of your ears.  That’s quite comfortable and enjoyable.

With these House Of Marley headphones you’ll get a very respectable 34 hours of playtime, this takes 2 hours charging time with the C wire supplied.  And if you’re in a hurry you can get a quick 15 minute charge which will deliver 4 hours useable battery life.  That’s a really good quick boost, enough for most regular journeys.

The pack details 40mm drivers and ultra comfort foam ear cushions no I can testify that they are comfortable, and feel appropriately lightweight.

They’re 5.2 Bluetooth with a range of approx of 10m.  They held up well with me wandering around the house.
The ‘on board controls’ are intuitively placed and easy to get to and identify by hand.

These headphones are both iOS and Android compatible so they’ll function with the majority of phones and tablets along with pcs and laptops.

There’s also passive noise isolation.  Noise cancelling is all the rage and I appreciate it enormously but I have to say the passive noise isolation on these is really good.  Better than some noise cancellation headphones I’ve tried.  It really reduces the interference and distraction from outside noise.

Another interesting feature is the sustainable craftsmanship which the company pride themselves upon with sustainable materials; FSC certified wood, recycled aluminium and REWIND fabric.

I’m not keen on the bag.  Whilst it might protect the headphones from scratches it’s not robust enough to satisfy me. However, the headphones themselves are worth the rating so I’d recommend them.

They’d make a super gift for the audio enthusiast in your life or for yourself to get the best out of your aural entertainment choices.

Available in black, pink and white or black with red, gold and green.

Usually £99.99 but now on offer at £69.99 with free shipping for items over £50.00.

Rating:  4.5/5

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