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Reviewed by Jessica Curtain

I was very pleased to have been chosen to review some Hope & Glory teas. I was sent 6 different flavours of tea and here is a little about each one.

The packaging is nice and eyecatching, I compared Hope & Glory to my regular brand of flavoured and unflavoured tea. It is evident that Hope & Glory’s tea seems more upmarket as the quality of the teabag itself is very high.

EARL GREY; When the teabag has been in for a couple of minutes you can start to smell the aroma, this tea you can drink with or without milk in my opinion it tasted better without milk.

RED VELVET; When I first saw the flavour I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I added hot water a beautiful red colour appeared with a lovely berry scent. I left the teabag in for the recommended time of 2-3 minutes to infuse, it wasn’t as strong taste as I initially thought it would be. Perhaps if I’d left it for a bit longer I would have received a stronger taste of berries but I still think it had a pleasant flavour and its best served without milk.

ASSAM; A very nice strong cup of tea, stronger than you expect an average cup of tea to be full of flavour. If you like your tea strong this is the perfect choice, best served with milk.

JASMINE GREEN; This was the first time I have tried Jasmine green tea it had a flowery scent and taste, I couldn’t compare it to anything that I have tasted before, unfortunately not to my taste, best served without milk.

CHAMOMILE; Perfect to have in the evening before bed as Chamomile is relaxing and its caffeine free, it’s a nice and light brew with a herby flavour. I tried it as it is to begin with then I added a bit of honey to add sweetness to it and preferred it with the honey, best served without milk.

ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA; A very similar tea to the Assam but not as full flavoured. I preferred this one to the Assam as it has a little lighter flavour, best served with milk.

Overall, I enjoyed some more than others and there is a flavour that should suit everybody. All the Hope & Glory teas are organic, hand-picked from around the globe and blended particularly for the British palette. I would give them 4 out of 5.

Rating: 4/5

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4 Star

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