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Hobgoblin Beer and Bugs Snack Pack Review


Reviewed by Mel Magnan

Well what can i say i was really excited to receive this parcel from Hobgoblin beers so was my husband he likes to try different beers and ales …which most men do!! Any thing a bit different and this certainly is ,its called the hobgoblin beer and bugs snack pack you can imagine what was also in the box along side the beer . It came very well packed and secure and arrived in one piece and i can recycle both the box and the shredded card it came in so that’s great . The pack that i received is a Halloween gift pack the “ The unofficial beer of Halloween “ as the company describe it and also say “ best sipped in the dark “ which made me chuckle what a great gift to receive if you enjoy this type of thing and lets face it this year has been a bit troublesome to say the least. BUT … not only did we receive four cans of beer …gold beer …IPA beer …ruby beer and the last one being imperial ruby beer all made by the brewery “ Wychwood “ they have been voted having the worlds best beer awards in the the worlds beer awards during 2020 .. the brewery was opened in 1983 by Paddy Glenn’s and Chris moss being the co founders in Oxfordshire The web site they have is very informative and interesting you can even go on tours at the brewery any beer drinker would really enjoy this as you get to sample some of the beers , they also have a shop which you can buy and stock up also it can be brought on line or at all leading supermarkets .. Back to the pack i received its called the Halloween pack as the name suggests it includes bugs crickets and grass hoppers to be precise ! The packets include sweet chilli and lime crunchy roasted crickets , smoky bbq crickets , salty toffee crickets and peri peri crickets they are all gluten free and full of protein not to every ones taste but i might give it ago i know my grandsons will . Also in the pack is a packet of natural cricket protein which apparently as it says on the packet can be added to smoothies and shakes or snacks and cakes so its like a flour the box even comes with a recipe to make cricket flavour blinis which is like a pancake which i had to look up and smoked salmon so something for everyone .The other two packets are are ready to cook crickets and grasshoppers again high in protein and these can be added to stir fry’s or coat them in soya sauce you have to take the wings and legs off the grasshoppers before cooking not sure if i can eat these ones ……might give them ones to the son in law …..
Also i received an eye mask so perhaps you can experience eating insects not sure how though ..and last but not least in the pack was a wychwood brewery metal bottle opener and a 10% off your next on line order . This was certainly a great and well received beer and bug pack it would make a great present for any one who likes any thing a bit different which this certainly is . Take a look on their web site for other great products the bugs are obviously not to everyone’s taste but they have other great packs you can order or visit their brewery which we will be trying to do plan in the very near future if possible .

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £32

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