Hippychick Waterproofs Review

Hippychick Waterproofs

Reviewed by Emma Baker

With the typical English weather I've been worried about my little boy getting soaked by the rain while out and about, as we have misplaced his rain cover for his buggy during a house move, so I jumped at the chance to be able to review this lovely set of fleecy waterproofs. I was able to choose which colour I wanted so I opted for the black and navy blue in age 2-3 years. They arrived really quickly and well packed and came accompanied with a brochure about the other fab products 'Hippychick' offers.

When I got the water proofs out of the packet at first glance they look a bit on the large size but after a good inspection I found there were plenty of Velcro fasteners to help adjust the size.

It was really easy to get these waterproofs on my son. Each leg was wide enough to fit his legs in even with his shoes already on, which is an added bonus when we were out and about and saved us having to fuss about taking his shoes on and off. There were also Velcro fasteners at the bottom of each leg so that they could be fastened tightly and tucked into wellies or other types of footwear. The hood has a peak on it so that the rain can easily run off it, it also has Velcro adjusters so that I could make it more fitted around his head and keep him extra dry.

The waterproofs had handy little pockets on either side so that his dummy could be kept safe whilst on his travels! My son was kept beautifully warm with as these were fleeced lined which meant I felt comfortable in the knowledge that even if he only had a thin jumper on he would still be toasty warm, and they are breathable so that he wouldn't over heat.

There is nothing that my 2 year old enjoys more than have a good old jump in the puddles, or even a little lie down in them as I found out early in the week, but now instead of having to rush him home to get changed because he is soaking wet i know he is nice and dry under his snug waterproofs.

They are fully machine washable and anyone with a toddler knows just how much of a 'must have' this is. And I can rest assured that my son is kept extra safe as these fabulous waterproofs also have reflective material so your little on can be spotted from up to 3 metres.

Much fun was had by my son and I while putting these Hippychick waterproofs through their paces. Unfortunately i didn't come out as warm and dry as he did. Even at home he didn't want to take them off!

A fantastic piece of outdoor clothing that should be a part of every child's wardrobe. I couldn't recommend these enough.

Fully Lined?….Check
Waterproof? …. Check
Washable? ….Check
Reflective material? ….Check
Snug and Great fitting? …. Check
Adjustable? …. Check

What more would you want in a pair of toddlers waterproofs?

Rating: 5/5

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