Here Comes The Poo Bus by Andy Stanton Review

Reviewed by Shelley East

The Poo Bus! Yes you read that correct! Even the kids looked at me all concerned when I said lets read this together. This book is absolutely disgusting but in a fabulous way! My children giggled in dismay at the poo bus riding through the town to the seaside. He picks up lots of insect passengers on his way who have no idea that they will reach a “delicious” end!

This book is so addictive! Great fun for adults who want to engage and capture a child’s imagination. We have read it lots of times and each time they are delighted to turn the pages and witness the poo bus racing through the town. All aboard! All aboard! Everything in sight sticking to the poo bus and each page cleverly illustrated with colours you would expect to find down the drain. Yuk!! So glad the book didn’t come with a smell because we would have been holding our noses!!

A book that definitely found my inner child and loved by all of mine!

Rating: 5/5

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