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Headu Step by Step Drawing School Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

My daughter is 6 and so drawing is still one of the cornerstones of her life. She loves to draw her version of life as she sees it. Even with the joy that filling a page with stick people, rainbows and unicorns brings her, she still struggles with confidence. Often getting overwhelmed by the desire to draw things that she thinks is beyond her skills – and of course it has to be perfect. So when we received the Step by Step Drawing School by Headu she was very excited; exclaiming “now I can learn to draw properly Mummy”.

With big smiles and ready to harness our inner artist, we set out looking at the contents of the box. The box itself is one of those perfect storage boxes for such bits and bobs (if you know you know). A sturdy box complete with a rope handle that you know will withstand years of little hands grabbing it and opening it in their usual clumsy way. Once in the box we discovered 10 animal puzzles, dry-erase marker, wipe clean board and a stencil. I expected some instructions or suggestions on how to use the set in different ways but there wasn’t any. Instead the text on the outside of the box gave a simple outline of what it was to be used for. It’s a pretty simple straightforward set so in hindsight there probably is no need for such instructions. However, there are more ideas given on the website at which is much more in depth.

The idea is that you choose the animal that you want to learn to draw – I already had my eye on the turtle. For each animal picture there are 4 puzzle pieces which are a good size, making them easy to handle and put together by little hands. The puzzles are definitely doable for ages 3-6 which is the age range that the activity is aimed at. They are also colour coded on the back if you have trouble finding the complete set for one picture. As you build up the puzzle, a little more of the drawing is added, beginning with the outline of the shapes and ending with a full colour drawing.

My daughter didn’t need any assistance putting the puzzles together, however I would say for younger children assistance would be needed and there’s nothing better than doing puzzles with children. Once the puzzle was completed we then used the dry marker to copy the drawing step-by-step on the board provided. I was actually really impressed with what my daughter was able to draw just by following this simple process. We did find however that the marker is quite difficult to wipe off compared to a white board but I provided an eraser for her that helped the process.

The brilliance of it was that it left my daughter feeling very proud of herself and accomplished; which is what you want the end result to be after doing any such activities with children. If I’m honest, it left me feeling the same, given that my inner artist packed her pens away and left home years ago!

This is a fabulous set. Its gives children practice at putting together sequences and recognising animals in addition to copying and drawing which is great for coordination and awareness. It’s great at showing them how drawing can be broken down really simply and that by following a step-by-step process, you really can draw anything. This activity will definitely be coming out time and again and is a great rainy day activity that can be done with or without my help.

Rating: I can’t recommend this highly enough to encourage children to pick up a pen and draw and if you’re like me it may even help with some parents drawing skills too! 5/5

RRP and buy link: The set retails at £13.99 and can be purchased here.


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