Guylian Belgian Chocolates Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

I have been so lucky to be asked to review this box of Guylian Belgian Chocolates.  This was definitely one that was worth breaking the diet for.  The box I’ve been sent is the Belgian Deluxe Assortment.  It contains 35 chocolates with a net weight of 369g, presented in an elegant white box with gold embossing.  There are a selection of seashells filled with hazelnut praline.  These are the chocolates that were originally made when the company first started in 1967.   I can see why they are still a favourite today.  Not only do they look beautiful in swirls of milk and white chocolate, they taste delicious.  The chocolate is super smooth and rich tasting while the praline filling has a subtle taste of roasted hazelnuts.  There is also a selection of the “Opus” chocolates in the box.  These are more contemporary in design but have the same velvety rich chocolate in a mix of white, milk and dark.  All have soft creamy centres but some have an added crunch.  Then there is a selection of seahorses.  These have become an icon of the brand and became such a favourite in the seashell collection that the flavours were extended to include crunchy biscuit, caramel, coffee and milk truffle.  Again they are all a mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate.

All the chocolates are made with 100% pure cocoa butter and do not contain palm oil and all the chocolates meet the exacting Belgian chocolate making standards.

This company is founded in love.  Guy Foubert married his love Lillian.  They merged their names to form the company name Guylian and used their combined love of chocolate to make their signature product the “seashells”.  Guy developed the hazelnut praline and Lillian was responsible for the design of the seashells.

Over the years the company has won a number of awards including in 1998 The Belgian Export award and more recently in 2019 the Corporate Social Responsibility award for it’s long association with “Project Seahorse”.

The company do all they can to avoid waste while still maximising shelf life.  The plastic tray is recyclable thermoplastic polymer, all the paper and cardboard used is from sustainably managed forests and the foil is made from thermoplastic polymer.

I can see why Guylian chocolates are known as “The World’s Favourite Belgian Chocolates”.
Each purchase of Guylian Belgian Chocolates supports the international marine conservation organisation “Project Seahorse”, something the company have been associated with since 1998.

These chocolates would make the ideal Christmas gift for so many people: friends, family members, work mates, neighbours to name just a few.

In addition to boxes of chocolates, Guylian do a full range of chocolate products which includes bars, no added sugar, individually wrapped, truffles coated in chocolate flakes and chocolate coated berries and raisins.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: The Belgian Deluxe assortment that I reviewed is priced at £9.99.

These are available to buy on the web shop is closed in the summer but will be open from 19th September.  There is also a good range of Guylian products available on

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