Greg Foot Caution! Safety Goggles Required! at The Lowry Review

GregFootGreg Foot: Caution!
Safety Goggles Required!

22 May 2016


Reviewed by Rebecca Banasko

I visited The Lowry in Salford Quays, Manchester to watch Greg Foot: Caution! Safety Goggles Required! with my 3 and a half year old son. I’ve visited The Lowry on many occasions and always enjoy coming to the venue as it is so easy to get to, being close to the motorway and has excellent transport links. I drove and parking is quick and easy in the Mall multi-storey car park. The Mall is just opposite the theatre with lots of shops and restaurants if you want to make a day of it. The staff at The Lowry are incredibly friendly and always happy to help.

The show was in the Quays Theatre, which is a great theatre with get visibility from pretty much anywhere, from what I could tell. We were about half way back and even my little 3 year old had no problem seeing the stage, although the theatre was far from full. The stage was all set up with scientific artefacts and just plain ‘fun stuff’. As a science buff myself I was really excited about the show.

The atmosphere was lovely with a lot of children donning their goggles which they’d purchased from a stall outside and there was already someone working the audience and getting us all warmed up and thinking about what question we’d want to ask Greg. On the way in we’d all been handed a tag attached to a ball on which we were to write out curious questions to Greg. These were collected in a giant net by Neil, Greg funny and approachable side kick. At this point Greg actually entered the stage himself and hung around ‘reading’ science books whilst we all excitedly tried to throw our questions into the giant net.

Greg went on to explain that he would take a couple of opportunities throughout the show to answer some randomly selected questions from the audience. This happened whilst Neil judged whether his answer was acceptable and added extra pressure with a timer. The show was made up of science activities and demonstrations to answer some of the nation’s most curious questions, which Greg had been collecting via various forms of social media.

Questions ranged from ‘how fat do you need to be to stop a speeding bullet?’ to ‘why do beans make you fart?’ – much to the amusement of my little boy! Greg used a range of methods to answer each of the questions. There was also lots of audience participation from both children and adults and it made it feel like we were all a part of every experiment. The kids and adults alike loved it.

My 3 year old was starting to get restless after just 40 minutes. The entire show was 2 hours with an interval half way through. This was probably just the right length. I had tried to find out what the recommended age range was for children but there was no specification. Luckily with it being a family show, it didn’t matter too much when he decided to wander around a little and talk to himself.

During the interval Greg and Neil came down from the stage and mingled with everyone, they were just a part of the group, we even got our selfie taken with them.


I really did enjoy this show from a science point of view and as a mum I’d say it’s more suitable for age 6 upwards, although there no harm in taking younger children, as I experienced. The big bangs and flashes were enough to get his attention again once it wandered.

I’m giving this show a 5/5 as I think it really does bring science to life for children and shows how much fun it is. Not only that but Greg and Neil’s approach showed that there is no right and wrong in science, its actually is all about asking the silliest questions.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Greg Foot is currently on tour around the UK with Caution! Safety Googles Required! until 31 May 2016. For more information visit www.gregfoot.com.

For other shows at The Lowry in Manchester visit www.thelowry.com.

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3AZ | 0843 208 6000


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