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Greenall’s Blood Orange and Fig Gin Review


Reviewed by Jayne Knight

Gin has become one of the most popular drinks over the past few years, with different flavours continually being produced to tantalise the tastebuds. This year seems to be have been predominantly the year of the orange, but from fruity, sweet and sharp there is something out there to appeal to any Gin lover. My recent acquisition of Greenall’s Blood Orange and Fig Gin was something different; a flavoured gin with the ever popular Greenall’s Original London dry gin, as its base. Suffice to say, that in the space of two evenings the bottle was empty! That is not to say it was all imbibed by one person – it was shared to garner an across the board opinion. This vibrant, rich tangerine orange coloured liquid has a pleasant sweet citrus aroma, with a hint of fig and an unassuming warmness, courtesy of ginger. Acutely aware of trends, as consumers are looking for an enjoyable drink without the addition of sugar or sweetener, Greenall’s Original London Dry gin infused with blood orange and fig is another addition to their unique ‘zero sugar’ range of alcoholic drinks, (Wild Berry and Blueberry being the other two). The dominant flavour of the blood orange is very pleasing to the palate, with just the right level of sweetness with the hint of fig and ginger adding to the experience. Initially tasted neat, over ice, the fig infusion is evident, but, my tasters feel is lost with the addition of tonic, although this did not detract from the overall pleasure of the drink. Serving suggestions include tonic and a slice of lemon or orange – not a combination favoured by us, but everyone has their own preferences. A further suggestion is to serve with Prosecco. Our consensus of opinion was that Greenall’s blood orange and fig gin is best served with Indian tonic and a slice of grapefruit; a sharper tang to balance the sweetness. What makes Greenall’s gin so special is that the botanicals are rested in neutral spirit and water, which is locally sourced in Cheshire, allowing the flavours to infuse before distillation. Using only the heart of the distillation process, to produce the finest gin, Greenall’s was awarded Gin Producer of the Year in 2018, by the International Spirits Challenge. Greenall’s blood orange and fig gin is reasonably priced, (£16-£18 according to the outlet). It is smooth, enjoyable, sweet and fruity. It has an ABV of 37.5% which is comparable to other well-known brands and is sold in 70cl marginally embossed square bottles, which adds to the impact on sight, allowing it to hold its own on a competitive market shelf. When compared to the Wild Berry and Blueberry in Greenall’s ‘zero sugar’ range, this gin, I feel, has all the hallmarks of a winter drink, despite its launch earlier this year. The citrus, fig and ginger flavours all-encompass everything that we associate with the festive season. Therefore, if you are searching for something a little different by way of a gift, Greenall’s blood orange and fig gin could be just that something to fit the bill.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18

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