Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring Review

Snoring Ring

Reviewed by Amanda Gazzard

Anyone who states they do not snore are either telling a little white lie, no one has ever told them they snore, or they are of the few who are fortunate that don’t.

I am repeatedly told by my husband I snore, something of which I flatly disagree with, so when the opportunity came about to review this product I gladly put my hand up as I thought this would cheer up my sleep deprived husband if this product proved successful and worked!

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is a natural, non-invasive product to either reduce or stop snoring altogether.

I must admit I was slightly sceptical if this product would actual work as after all it’s only a ring.

The ring is placed on your little finger and depending on whether you’re male or female is dependent on which little finger you use. As I am a female, I wore mine on my left hand. The directions inside the packaging are very clear and show you exactly how to position the ring. There are Acu-Activators located on the inside of the ring; this has something to do with acupressure points. The reason behind the Acu-Activators is that acupressure is used in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered an alternative therapy.

The information leaflet does give some general advice on the best sleeping position and the consumption of alcohol which contributes to snoring.

I wore the ring for five nights and asked my husband to be honest with regards to did it improve or stop me from snoring.

The first two nights my husband said he did not hear a peep from me all night and a couple of times checked I was breathing! However, on the third and subsequent nights my husband reported I had started snoring again but it was not as loud (oops) as before instead it was more like a gentle murmur.

This product retails at £26.99 currently on and comes in three sizes, small, medium and large.

I will continue to where the ring at night as I can honestly say I feel as though I have slept more sounder since wearing. This may have something to do with the fact as I am not snoring so loudly I am not waking myself up, something of which I would never admit to my husband as after all I keep telling him I do not snore!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £26.99

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