Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry Razor Review

GilletteVenusOlaySugarberryGillette Venus and Olay
Sugarberry Razor

Reviewed by Katy Nettleton

All I can say is brilliant – at last there is a razor which really does get all those little hairs which hide in nooks and crannies in your underarms!

I usually buy men’s razors as I (used to) find that they offered a closer shave, even if they are a little “rougher” on those sensitive areas: well I no longer need to browse the male section. Here’s what the pink and peach (girly) packaging says: A razor, 5 blades with Olay Moisture Bars, and a suction holder which exfoliates, and moisturisers with a Sugarberry Scent. Now, I’m not sure what a Sugarberry Scent is meant to smell like but the scent is sweet and slightly flowery but it isn’t overpowering (so doesn’t interfere with any perfume I’m wearing). I have used the same razor blade for the past week (with daily underarm shaves) and it still is as close as the day I opened this little gem. The “wings” of the blade move when in use and contour to your body, however I did find that due to these it made a close shave harder for the bikini line area – nevertheless with a little more concentration the shave was very close to the skin and no irritation: a bonus for someone who has to go swimming regularly with the little people! My legs, underarms and bikini line are smooth, are less dry and there are no shadows: again, a bonus for an olive skinned, dark haired person. This is now going to be my razor of choice! The refill razor blades are expensive: but compared to the men’s range I am used to buying from they are very competitive: and as they last so long they will offer value for money!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £10.99

Available to buy from Boots here.


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