Giles & Posner Flip Over Waffle Maker Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

My grandchildren aged 14 & 11 were very excited to be able to try out this 180° flip over waffle maker from Giles & Posner.

When it arrived, we unboxed it and read the instructions carefully before starting and wiped everything down with a damp cloth as instructed.

There are three recipes given with this waffle maker, all basically the same but with different toppings, one has cinnamon added to the mixture. We decided to make basic waffles.

We weighed out the ingredients into a bowl and made a well in the centre to add the egg, milk and oil mixture. We started beating! It was very hard work and was taking ages. I cheated and transferred the mixture to my blender! The resulting batter was smooth and thick as described in the instructions.

We switched the waffle maker on to preheat.

Next, we carefully filled each waffle well with batter. This puzzled us as when the lid was open it was at an angle and any mixture would have fallen out. Ensure that each well is filled by 2/3.

We greased the waffle maker with oil using kitchen paper as I did not have a brush, then filled the waffle wells which were horizontal with mixture to 2/3 full. The result was two very thin waffles with holes. The girls enjoyed them nevertheless with squirty syrup.

On the next attempt. We wiped the waffle maker down, re-greased it and this time filled the horizontal waffle wells more or less to the top. Result! Two fantastic waffles!!


For our 3rd attempt, we filled the horizontal waffle wells more or less to the top again, thought the same as the previous time. Result! Waffle mixture seeping out of the sides and down the back of the waffle maker!!

The waffles were great, but the waffle maker needed a good clean to remove the burnt-on mixture (due to overfilling it). Not easy when it was down the hinge and around the sides. This was made even more difficult by the fact that the waffle plates cannot be removed for cleaning.

On the whole, the girls loved the waffles. I loved cheating and making the mixture in the blender.

I did not understand the instruction to fill all the waffle wells when the waffle maker would not open flat.

It was guesswork as to how much mixture you put in the two bottom waffle wells, but I suppose we will get used to judging this with more use.

I did not like that I could not remove the waffle well plates for cleaning which would have been easier than just wiping them down whilst on the machine.

The girls enjoyed the waffles which is the important thing.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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