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GetGo Disney Frozen Play Tent Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

My daughter Kate, age 8, has Autism and rarely plays with friends as she doesn’t have a great many of them and she struggles to play with others. As a result she likes to watch films and is obsessed with Disney’s Frozen and is in her element dressing up as Queen Elsa or Princess Anna and role playing scenes from the film or signing Let It Go at the top of her voice so she was delighted when the Frozen Castle Play Tent arrived from Worlds Apart.

The packaging featured everyone’s favourite royal sisters Elsa and Anna and showed a picture of what the tent looked like when constructed.

Constructing it was a piece of cake as enclosed in the box was easy to follow illustrated instructions and in no time at all we had built Kate’s tent and it was simply stunning!

The size is brilliant, 75x75x118cm, and Kate fitted into the tent no problem even though she is taller than your average 8 year old.

That evening I went out to a local class and left Kate at home with her sister and daddy, usually Kate finds me not being home quite distressing but when I arrived home a few hours later Kate was nowhere to be seen and my husband said she had been upstairs since I left in her new tent!

Since receiving the tent Kate has used it daily and it is her pride and joy and it’s not hard to see why. It’s colourful, fun and something every Frozen mad youngster like Kate dreams of owning.

This is an excellent addition the already popular Disney Frozen franchise and the quality is second to none. The structure of the castle is robust and would take quite a lot of force to knock or damage it.

Kate loved the fact she could close the tent door with the Velcro patch and I loved the fact I could spy on her using the window to the side. Kate really has made this her den and is rarely out of it now!

I am so impressed with the tent and will be looking out for other Frozen merchandise from Worlds Apart in time for Kate’s birthday in May!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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