Frugi Snuggle Suit Review


Reviewed by Julie Hayward

The Snuggle Suit from Frugi arrived packaged in a brown durable paper bag. Along with my delivery details the Frugi Love Organic logo was printed on the paper and asked me please reuse, recycle or compost the bag. I was impressed that the inner packaging, which looked like a plastic bag was indeed 100% biodegradable and home compostable, there was even information that tells me ‘When the bag comes in contact with the soil it acts as a soil enricher’, so as a keen gardener I will indeed as Frugi encourage me to do, dispose of it in my ‘well maintained home compost heap’.

My first impressions of this company are that they have a strong ethical, sustainable brand and looking at their website I found that this is very much the case. There are several informative videos that you can watch, from their use of organic cotton and recycled bottles for the outerwear garments to ensuring the suppliers from overseas work within Frugi’s code of conduct to protect employees.

For their consumers they want their garments to last as long as possible, some have longer cuffs on the wrists, waistbands and ankles so they grow with the child and they acknowledge that the organic cotton may shrink a little when washed so they allow for this in the design, they are well made clothes that can be passed on when outgrown extending the life. The range of clothing is all you would expect for babies and children, and they have coordinated items in the same ranges, which they refer to as twinning, which is sweet for siblings of different ages. The clothes are in fun designs and bright colours.

The Snuggle Suit’s design is called ‘Rainbow Flight’, the background colour is a lovely bright blue with an all-over playful pattern of birds in flight, they are red, pink, yellow, green and white. It also comes in another pattern called ‘Indigo look at the stars’, this is a darker blue with planets and stars on the pattern.

The material is a thick durable organic cotton with a soft brushed cotton interior, the seams are either overlocked or have coordinated light green binding, the hood and zipper opening are a contrasting mustard colour. There are added features such as poppers covering the top of the zip so no chaffing around the neck or under a dribbly chin, this also prevents unwanted undressing. The extra-long zip itself is a clever feature, as this makes nappy changing a wriggly toddler or dressing a hungry baby much quicker and easier.

This is the perfect garment to keep your little one warm, pop it over a baby grow after bath time or under a snowsuit if its chilly. It is not suitable for sleeping in or wearing to bed. I intend to send this Snuggle Suit to Santa for a special little person, and I am sure it will be around in our family, when new little cousins or sibling arrive, for years to come. It is probably more expensive than other versions on the market, but the quality means it is an investment buy especially for a growing family.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £44.99

This product can be purchased from FRUGI here.

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