Frost on Friday Review

Frost on Friday


Reviewed by Angela Davis

This is a set of 3 DVD’s from recordings of David Frost’s series of interviews from 1968-69. The first 2 are in black & white & the third is in colour.

The interviews range from Moshe Dayan with ironically Baldur von Shirach, leader of the Hitler youth on the 1st DVD, to Mohammed Ali and Christian Barnard & a highly charged debate on capital punishment as well as other prominent people of the time. All are excellent interviews with Frost’s style setting the tone for the modern style of serious interviewing that we now see regularly on television.

Frost always conducts himself in a restrained way during the interviews despite some of the interviewees holding what are even in the late 60’s are provocative views, and by todays standard are very offensive.

This set would not only be of great interest to anyone who remembers Frost recording these programmes, but to students of modern history who would have the unique opportunity to hear at first hand people who helped to shape the modern world and in some cases change attitudes during the 2nd half of the 20th century.

I think possibly at full price of £24.99 these might prove a little expensive and I think it might stop anyone with just a casual interest from buying them as they aren’t what could be classed as general entertainment, but for a serious student would probably be worthwhile. Now on sale for £15.31

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