Flormar Make-Up Review

Reviewed by Leigh Jackman

It’s a daunting prospect changing your make-up brand, we all have our go to favourites but sometimes it worth stepping outside your comfort zone. Like many, when my children came, I lost interest in keeping up with the latest trends and developments in make-up. Highlighting, sculpting and bronzing passed me by in a whirl of YouTube but now time has passed and I am ready to reclaim my look. Florma has a long history providing innovative products and being a trusted market leader in quality it seemed the perfect choice to find the modern me.

I started with the Flormar Mattifying Makeup Primer, it is absolutely heaven to put on, if I could find an excuse to put it on more than once a day I would. Not only is it silky haven but it is also really long lasting. The quality of the way my skin looked after applying the primer was so beautiful, I honestly believe it knocked twenty years off me. Blemishes disappeared and lines faded and this was even before I had applied may foundation. As an under layer for my foundation it added a silky smooth base layer that made my foundation easy to apply and definitely gave it more staying power. 

I then applied the bronzer I was look for it to add a warmth and glow to my face. Following the advice I found online, less is more and to build up in layers is the best course of action. I was quite shocked then when I applied what I thought was a small amount and dark streaks appear across my face. The shock was short lived though as It blended is so beautifully it and looked so natural my only shock was the new sculpted face in front of me. Years of looking at the same face in the mirror and suddenly there is a new me with cheek bones and a peachy glow skin tone.

The highlighter seemed quite self-explanatory to use, but the effect was the icing on the cake. It added a beautiful shimmer to my new look. It has a lovely soft creaminess to is constancy even though it is a powered. Very easy to apply and blend I did end up adding an extra layer or two as I loved the effect and the beautiful glow it added.

I have always been an eye make girl rather than a lipstick, as part of the ‘new look’ I wanted to shake it up a bit. The Supershine Lipstick which is a bright deep colour and lovely to apply and although it says supershine its actually quite subtle. The matching style matic lipliner to match was made it easy expecting to have to blend them to get the finish but the colour match was absolutely perfect. It was simple to get a defined shape and the twist action to extend the nip means no more messy breakages and sharpening. I did find I need the lipliner with the lipstick as it did bleed a little of its own. The reason I preferred eyes to lips was that I could never be fussed with reapplying all day and never liked the cloggy feel on my lips. I didn’t get any of those issues of that with Florma’s lipstick. I barely noticed it was on and had no need to reapply through the day even after a long lunch and a full day at work.

Now I am not a vain person but for the first time in a long time I kept catching glimpses of myself reflected in windows or mirrors and felt good about it. I felt more confident and happy with myself and truly cannot thank Florma enough for the new me. I am now planning new hair and clothes look as amazing as it sounds, a little bit of make up has changed everything I feel about myself. I cannot recommend this brand enough reasonably priced enough to play and change frequently and quality make up that goes above and beyond expectations. 

Rating: 5/5

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