Five Go Adventuring Again by Enid Blyton Review

Reviewed by Gaenor Davis

This is the second book in the Famous Five series.

The main characters in the story are: Anne, Julian, Dick, Georgina (George) and Timothy the Dog. (The Five)

Anne went to an all girl’s boarding school called Gaylands with her cousin Georgina and her dog Timothy. Pets were allowed at this school. Anne’s brothers, Julian and Dick went to a different school.

The children were just about to finish school for the Christmas Holidays and all go back to Anne’s house, when Anne and Georgina receive a letter from “Daddy”, telling her that they can’t go home for the holidays due to “Mummy having Scarlet Fever and that she is in quarantine.” The children are very upset that they are not able to be at home for Christmas.

The five of them therefore decide to spend the holidays at Kirrin Cottage with Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin (Georgina’s Mum and Dad).

As the boys, Julian and Dick had been ill quite a lot during the school term; they were falling behind with their school work and were told they had to get a tutor over the holidays.

Uncle Quentin finds a tutor (Mr. Roland) and tells the children that they will like him. He says “He will not stand for any bad behaviour as the tutor is used to dealing with children and will be very firm with them.

The Five meet Mr Roland off the train, however he is not keen on Timothy the Dog!!

Kirrin Farm, close by to Kirrin Cottage belongs to Mr Sanders, who introduces himself to the children.  He advises them that he and his family have artists from ‘London Town’ staying with them.

The five of them can’t wait to go and explore the farm.  Whilst exploring the farm, they discover a secret panel in the hall, a cupboard with a false back, a pouch and an old rag with marks and signs on it. The children are very intrigued by their findings!

Mr. Roland makes it very clear to Georgina (George) that he is not keen on Timothy.  This upsets Georgina a great deal.

As Anne does not like the five to be separated, she joins in with the coaching even though she does not need it.

They decide to ask Mr. Roland what the marks and signs on the old rag means.  They discover it means ‘Secret Way’.  He encourages the children to go with him and explore Kirrin Farm even more to see what else they can find!

As Mr. Roland is coaching the five, he stays at Kirrin Cottage.  As Mr. Roland does not like Timothy, Timothy is made to live in his kennel outside which infuriates Georgina.  Georgina decides to not cooperate in lessons and refuses to go with them on their trip to the farm.

As time passes by, Timothy starts to develop a nasty cough due to being outside.  Mr. Roland refuses to have him in the house still which causes the others to start disliking him.

Suddenly things start to go missing from Uncle Quentin’s study, Mr. Roland suspects Georgina, but did she do it?

If you would like to find out who did it then read the book to discover the outcome!  See how the mystery unravels and find out what happens next!

I really enjoyed this book as it kept you guessing along the way and was very exciting to read.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (Paperback) / £3.49 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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