Fatal Path by Ronan Fanning Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Being Anglo Irish I jumped at the chance to read this book all about the British and Irish Government Revolution as it’s part of my heritage and I love to learn about all thinks Irish as my mum was a very feisty Irish lady.

I struggled a little at the beginning but once I got into reading it I really enjoyed the book and found the photos a welcome break from the text.

This book is not one you can read in one sitting and will take a few reads for the facts and arguments to make sense but if you give it your undivided attention like I did then you will realise just how close we (Britain) came to civil war, I did not realise this as to be honest I didn’t really listen at school but now the older I get the more I like to learn about my history.

The book is well written and explores the troubles between Ireland and Britain between 1910 and 1922, these times were bad for all involved and I learnt a lot from reading this descriptive and enthralling book. The book itself is packed full of history and really is excellent value for the price.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10.99

Available to buy from Faber & Faber here.

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