Farmaggeddon, October 2021 Review


Reviewed by Kim Bickerdike

Farmaggeddon is a multi-award winning scare night which promises to give you the fright night of your life. Set at Farmer Teds in Ormskirk, this farm which is usually a fun, child friendly day out, has been transformed into an interactive horror experience. For 15 nights in October and for those aged 16 and over you can experience everything this ‘fear ground’ has to offer.

There are different types of tickets available ranging from £19.50 to £32.50. We wanted to try everything Farmaggeddon had to offer and was pleased our ticket also included a Fast Pass. We arrived early so didn’t need the Fast Pass straight away as there weren’t any queues but as the evening went on, the queues grew and we were glad to have them.

We started off with a drink to steady our nerves before we braved the attractions and found a quiet table to sit down, enjoy our drink and soak up the atmosphere. It wasn’t long before we had some unexpected company. There are a number of scary and somewhat gruesome characters walking round and when you least expect it, they jump out or creep up on you. There were lots of screams and laughter from us and the surrounding tables but there weren’t as many characters as I would have liked and a few more would have built the tension a bit more for us.
There are 3 scare houses to try. We started with The Beast of Terror and for us this was the best and scariest house of them all. We held hands, screamed and ran through this house. When we finished our hearts were pumping and we had well and truly been scared. Contagion was next and this house was fun but not really scary. We had to wear glasses as the walls and surroundings in the house were 3D. This was disorientating and made us feel dizzy as it felt like the floor was moving. It was really clever and we enjoyed this house a lot. The Meat Locker was the house I was looking forward to the most so we saved this till last but this was a disappointment for us. It was over quickly and I’m not sure how it got the name ‘Meat Locker’ as we didn’t come across any meat. Maybe we took a wrong turn somewhere?
After the houses we headed to the next attraction, the Maze of Death. Again, this never really got going for us. The maze filled with smoke and the anticipation of what was around each corner was the best bit about it. The maze felt slightly empty as there weren’t many characters, although we did get chased by a chainsaw wielding zombie which was terrifying and a lot of fun.

The final activity was the Zombie Outlaw Paintball. We sat on a specially designed trailer fitted with paintball guns and headed out into the darkness. As the trailer slowed, we were greeted by zombies and the instructions were ‘If it moves and it’s dead, aim for the head’ so we all started firing our paintballs at the zombies. This was a lot of fun and I have never done anything like this, but again it was over with quite quickly and I had hoped for a bit more interaction from the zombies.

Overall, this is a unique, fun and somewhat scary night but I was quite underwhelmed. The scare characters were brilliant and I loved how they popped up when you least expected them too but it would have been better if there were a few more. I was also surprised by the lack of people there, the whole event felt slightly empty. I’ve heard really good things about Farmaggeddon in the past and I hope they can get back to what makes this event the attraction it deserves to be.

Rating: 3/5

Tickets are available until 31st October 2021 from the Farmaggeddon website here.

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