FadeOut Advanced Even Skin Tone Day Cream, Night Cream And Eye Cream Review


Reviewed by Sandip Stapleton

During this lockdown period, I haven’t worn a scrap of make up at all. It feels totally refreshing but at the same time it gives you a chance to actually take note of what your skin really looks like. I’ve always had pretty decent skin but about 4 years ago, for one reason or another I had quite a big breakout of spots on both cheeks. To be honest, I am still battling a few spots every now and then but generally my spots are under control. But what that period of spotty skin did leave me with, was hyperpigmentation marks. I am quite good with wearing SPF on my face so I definitely know that my hyperpigmentation is due to skin trauma from my spots, rather than due to sun damage.

So when I was given the opportunity to try out the Advanced Even Skin Tone Day Cream SPF 25, the Advanced Even Skin Tone Night Cream and Advanced Even Skin Tone Eye Defence Cream SPF 25 by Fadeout, I jumped at the chance!

These creams are designed to work together “to brighten, and even out skin tone, whilst improving skin hydration levels, to reveal a more radiant and luminous complexion in 4 weeks”.
Whilst I haven’t used these creams for 4 weeks yet, I have used them for a couple of weeks continuously.

In terms of the ingredients, these creams hold a whole host of goodies, The day cream contains Lactic acid (for exfoliation), Niacinamide ( to brighten the skin), Sodium Lactate (to hydrate), Mulberry Leaf Extract (to fade dark spots) and Licorice Root Extract (to sooth and brighten the skin). As an added benefit, the cream also contains SPF 25 which is always a bonus. I am used to wearing a separate SPF but as I’m not really going anywhere during lockdown, having an SPF of 25 in my day cream feels quite comforting for when I nip to the shop, hang the clothes out or if I’m sat near the window and the sun shines through.

The cream itself is fairly thick but not ridiculously so. A little goes a long way. It is definitely hydrating and not too oily on the skin but it can take a while to fully absorb. If I were to wear this under make up, I would probably put it on and then get dressed and then apply my make up to give the cream a chance to fully absorb.

The eye cream also needs a while to absorb but it’s fine once it does. The tube is a great dispenser, and you squeeze out just the right amount. My eye sockets felt nice and hydrated but looking at the ingredients it is clear to see why; it contains hyaluronic acid which is a lovely hydrating, plumping agent. This eye cream also contains SPF 25 which like the day cream is an added bonus. The texture of the eye cream is runnier than other eye creams that I have used in the past but it is pleasant to use and I was happy using this.

In addition to the day cream and eye cream, I also used the night cream in this line. This obviously does not contain any SPF but it does have the exact same ingredients to the day cream, with the addition of Rosehip Seed Oil and Sacha Inchi Oil, both of which provide hydration to your skin after a day out in the elements.

This is a nice thick night cream, which feels lovely and hydrating after a night time cleansing routine. It made my face feel cleaner and fresher somehow which is nice feeling on your skin just before bed. This was probably my most favourite cream out of the 3 I tried as this one feels the most nourishing. Even though it has so many hydrating agents in it, I did not wake up with oily skin nor did it cause me to break out.

Although I haven’t used the 3 creams for a long while, I have used them for a couple of weeks and I have seen a difference to my skin. My marks haven’t completely faded and I wouldn’t expect them to after a fortnight of use, but the texture of my skin seems much smoother and my eye sockets seem brighter in appearance. I have had a couple of spots since using this cream which is normal for my skin, but the marks for these spots are definitely lighter than they usually are and have actually started to fade already, so I imagine with prolonged use, the older, more stubborn scars will fade too.

I’m hoping that by the time this lockdown is over, I will come out with brighter, more even toned, hydrates skin.


Advanced Even Skin Tone Day Cream SPF 25 £9.99
Advanced Even Skin Tone Night Cream £9.99
Advanced Even Skin Tone Eye Defence Cream SPF 25 £9.99

These products are available to buy from FadeOut here.

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