Eve Sleep Mattress Review


Reviewed by David Savage

A good night’s sleep is important to set you up for the day and for that you need a good mattress, so I was delighted when I was asked to try out the memory foam eve Sleep mattress as it claims to be the world’s most comfortable mattress.

I was reviewing their double mattress and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. A double mattress is rather large so I was expecting quite a large delivery (double mattress size!). When the courier arrived with a relatively small box compared to the size of a mattress my first thoughts were that can’t be a mattress and if they have fit a double mattress in that size box it must be very thin and would in no way be comfortable!


So I must say at this point I was rather disappointed in what I had received. I expected a large double mattress to be delivered only to have a large heavy box that was nowhere near the size of a single mattress let alone a double. I couldn’t quite believe that a full size mattress that was supposed to quite thick and luxurious would be contained within the box (the box measured 43x43x110cm).

So with all the excitement gone I opened the box and was greeted with a thin yellow rolled up mattress! So I removed the welcome envelope that told me about the eve Sleep mattress. Now the magic began; on removing the mattress from the box I placed it on the floor and removed the plastic packaging and instantly the mattress stated to “inflate” from a thin rolled up mat into the thick, luxurious double mattress that I was expecting. In a matter of minutes it had become a full size mattress, although the welcome book does say it takes 4-6 grow into its full size, so I left it where it was for the rest of the day.


Just in case you are wondering why it came packaged in this fashion, this is to save space and make it easier to move around. It you have even placed clothes or pillows in one of those plastic bags that you suck all the air out with a vacuum cleaner this is how I would describe the mattress as being packed, vacuum sealed to make the mattress as thin as possible so that it can be rolled up to fit in a box. A very ingenious idea that makes it much easier to deliver and much easier to take delivery of and carry from the door upstairs to the bedroom (and also much easier for delivery companies).

When bedtime came around I was looking forward to seeing how comfortable this mattress actually was and if it lived up to its “world’s most comfortable mattress” claims. The mattress was indeed comfortable and firm and I had a great night’s sleep but only the next few nights would really tell if the mattress was indeed as good as its reputation.

The eve Sleep mattress is quite thick at 25cm (10”) and standard fitted sheets do fit quite tightly but I have had to buy fitted sheet grips to hold sheet into place, but that is more to do with the way I seem to sleep rather than the mattress as I have the same problem on every mattress I have owned (although if buying new sheets I would recommend getting ones that specifically fit 25cm mattresses). Because the mattress is quite deep it also increases the height of the bed which at first took a bit of getting used to as the previous mattress had a depth of around 18cm (7”) but now I love it.

Now for the technical stuff; the eve Sleep mattress is made up of 4 parts;

  • High Density Base Layer: 18cm of ultra-resilient base foam. This high density layer provides the mattress foundation, supporting the layers above.
  • Breathable Comfort Layer: 3cm of cooling foam. 30% more breathable than traditional memory foam with open air technology that encourages air flow.
  • New Generation Memory Foam: 4cm of responsive memory foam. Provides balanced comfort, relieves pressure on joints and encourages ease of movement.
  • The Cover: Knitted cover made from two way stretch fabric. Provides a delicate soft surface accentuating the new generation memory foam below.


And it is suitable for a person weighing up to 120kg (approx. 19 stone), the double mattress 2 x 120kg giving a weight limit of 240kg.

So what do I think of the eve Sleep mattress after sleeping on it for a couple of weeks? Well the short answer is I love this mattress. It is extremely comfortable and I haven’t woken up with any back pain, which used to be a regular occurrence for me. It is firm yet soft with its memory foam technology. Obviously I haven’t tried every make of mattress in the world but it is certainly the best I have every slept on so far so I would be quite comfortable in agreeing with Eve and saying that it is probably “the world’s most comfortable mattress”.

I can’t really comment too much on the effectiveness of the cooling foam that is supposed to offer a cooler night’s sleep as I haven’t really noticed any difference from my old mattress, although I can say that I am not getting too hot during the night now that the nights are getting warmer.

I will now have to try one of the Eve pillows to see how comfortable they and if they can help with my neck pain I sometimes wake up with as I blame my pillows for this – I am regularly changing pillows as no matter what I buy (including ones that supposedly keep their shape, bounce back, branded etc.) they don’t seem to last long for me and always become flat.

Now for such a quality, comfortable mattress it is going to be reflected in the price. While a bit more expensive than a standard mattress but cheaper than an equivalent branded, high quality mattress (prices start at £349 for a single up to £899 for a 7x7ft mattress and 11 sizes are available, you can even speak to them about making a custom sized mattress to suit your needs) Eve are so confident that you will feel the difference they offer a 100 night home trial for you to try out the mattress (with free return for full refund if not completely satisfied, although I can’t see why you wouldn’t love it) and also offer 12 months interest free payments to spread the cost (subject to a 10% deposit).

Each mattress also comes with a 10 year guarantee for domestic use against defects (see the Eve website for details of what the guarantee does and does not cover).


Overall, the eve Sleep mattress is a quality, luxurious and very comfortable mattress that enables a great night’s comfortable sleep that, for me at least, reduces back pain and has great support and without a huge price tag (and the interest free monthly payments make it so much more affordable). For me it is worth it just to reduce my back pain alone.

I also found that I am not waking up so tired in the mornings, now that could just be a coincidence but I think it is because I am getting a much better sleep at night. You will have to try the mattress for yourself to see how it works for you but I can highly recommend it and it is definitely value for money due to comfort, quality and a much better night’s sleep.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £349 to £949 (depending on size)

For more information or to buy your own eve Sleep mattress visit www.evemattress.co.uk.


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