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ErgoCocoonMintStarErgoCocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag

Reviewed by Jo Tebbs

When it comes to our own precious sleep, this is something most parents crave and would go to extreme lengths to gain! Any device or aid that would help reduce the sleep deprivation being suffered by exhausted mummies and daddies, is deemed to be priceless!

There are so many diverse sleeping aids available for our babies and toddlers in the market but it is extremely difficult to determine which would best serve our children’s requirements. With this in mind, we are often drawn to the design and key features of the item to ensure that we are confident that our little ones are safe, secure, warm and comfortable, in preparation for a good night’s sleep and hopefully, meaning that us parents get some highly-valued sleep too!

ErgoPouch is an Australian company that designs and manufactures (in China) baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits. They make their products from natural fibres which are skin-friendly and offer a range of varying designs and colours. Their company logo is a baby Joey (kangaroo) sleeping inside a pouch – very fitting for an Australian company designing baby sleep products.

One of their products is the ErgoCocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag which is available in 2 sizes: 0-3 months (baby weight 3-6kg) or 3-12 months (baby weight 6-10kg).

My ErgoPouch swaddle product was delivered by UPS but unfortunately I was out at the time of delivery. Due to the size of the cardboard box it was packaged in (46cm X 32cm X 10cm), it was unable to be posted through the conventional letter box. I was grateful that a delivery note was posted through the door telling me the location of where to find my parcel.

When opening the box, I was grateful to see that the sleep bag had been packaged within a plastic bag thus protecting the bedding further.

The swaddle was beautifully packaged with great attention to detail. It was folded up and housed within a cardboard sleeve that had a plastic hanger at the top so it could be hung up in a wardrobe in readiness for use.

In the centre of the cardboard sleeve, is a cut out of the silhouette of the ‘joey in a pouch’ logo displaying the design/ print of the material that the swaddle is made out of, a nice touch! My design is called ‘Mint Star.’ This is a gorgeous gender neutral, mint green colour with a cute little white star burst print. Underneath this, in large lettering, is the product type ‘ErgoCoccon’ followed by the word ‘Australia’ and the strap line, ‘Sleep. Easy.’

On the front of the sleeve, at the top, is a pale green coloured horizontal strip displaying some key features of the product. On the left of this strip is the weight of the sleeping bag. My sleep bag is for winter use and weighted as 2.5 tog. It even stipulates that this tog is suitable for sleeping conditions of 16-23 degrees Celsius or the equivalent of 62-73 degrees Fahrenheit. The company logo is displayed in the centre of this top strip and to the right, are the 2 sizes that the swaddle comes in; 0-3 months (baby weight 3-6kg) or 3-12 months (baby weight 6-10kg). A hand drawn tick is displayed next to the corresponding size of the swaddle inside.

Underneath the above is writing displaying the product style and type. It emphasises the fact that it is ‘skin friendly’ and the product type, ‘swaddle and sleep bag’ is written in bold capital letters. It then further then highlights the products benefits of:

– easy transition into a sleeping bag
– arms can be inside or out
– hip friendly (it shows that the sleep bag is recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute)
– a room thermometer is included

To the left of the centre material display section, is a label recognising that the company is a supporter of the eczema association in Australia. To the right, is a section highlighting the product is made with bamboo and organic cotton. By combining these elements, along with the hip friendly element, I think it portrays that the company is very keen to look at not only comfort of their products but also values the general health and well-being of their products for our children. As a health conscious individual, skin sensitivity and hip dysplasia are 2 vitally important areas that I am concerned with but feel confident in the ethics of the ErgoPouch company.

On the back of the cardboard sleeve are 4 pictures demonstrating the capabilities of the sleep bag along with bullet points showing further features of the product.

The product is versatile and can be used as both a swaddle or sleeping bag. Metal poppers mean that you can use the product to swaddle the baby’s arms inside by closing the poppers, or if leaving the poppers open, then the product can be used more like a sleeping bag.

There is also a two-way metal zip for easy placing of your baby into the bag but can also be used to change your baby’s nappy without needing to take your baby out of the sleep bag itself. I’m not sure if I would use this feature just incase urine or, it could be worse, ends getting smeared onto the bedding. It could potentially be unhygienic.

Importantly, at the bottom of the cardboard sleeve, the washing instructions and material details can be found. The product is made of a 95% organic cotton outer layer with 5% elastane and an inner layer of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% elastane with a 100% organic cotton filling. The elastane allows for the material to stretch and the bamboo and cotton are essential for warmth and comfort. The product can be cold washed or dry cleaned. It can also be ironed at a moderate temperature but it must not be tumble dried.

On the bottom right, a very important warning is printed to inform parents that swaddles, cocoons and sleeping bags shouldn’t be used if parents are co-sleeping and it also informs parents that once a baby can roll, their arms should no longer be swaddled.

The website address is displayed along with the endorsement stamp from ‘my child’ the baby and kids national buyers show where this item won the Best Overall Product in 2012. This again gives me confidence in the quality of this product.

Attached to the sleep bag is a detachable cardboard room thermometer. This is a great little gadget that you can discreetly place in your child’s room to check the room temperature and make sure your child doesn’t overheat or get cold. It also helps to educate the parent which ErgoPouch product is suitable to use with certain room temperatures. On the back of the thermometer is a handy little table displaying what clothes a baby needs to wear when sleeping in the corresponding tog weight of an ErgoPouch product dependant upon the room temperature. Therefore, you can ensure that your baby’s body temperature is regulated, making your child comfortable and thus… Sleeps!!!

Overall, I think this is a great little sleep bag and I like the versatility of having both a swaddle and a sleep bag in one. It is certainly soft to touch and looks like a high-quality product.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £38.95

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4 Star

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