Epimax Eyelid Ointment Review


Reviewed by Helen O

As someone who frequently suffers from bouts of dry skin, including on my eyelids, I was intrigued when I heard about the Epimax Eyelid Ointment and wanted to give it a try to see if it could help ease the itchiness which I regularly experience, in this area.

The Eyelid Ointment arrived relatively quickly and was packaged in a small outer cardboard box, which was fully recyclable and just the right size for the package inside.  As such, it arrived in first class condition.

The product itself is a 4g tube inside a cardboard box.  I thought the product was attractively packaged and I liked the colour scheme used – lilac and white.  The packaging gave all of the information that I needed to know prior to use and it was refreshing not to have a large information/ medical leaflet folded up inside, which is so often the case with products such as these.

From the packaging I was able to glean the following information:
• that it is a soothing moisturiser for dry, itchy, red and flaky eyelids
• it is free from preservatives
• the product can be applied as often as required
• the ingredients contained in the product:
80% yellow soft paraffin
10% liquid paraffin
10% lanolin (wool fat)
• once opened, the product has a 3 month shelf-life

As I wear light eye make-up on a daily basis, I applied the Epimax Eyelid Ointment first thing in the morning and then again at bedtime, once I had removed my make-up, which worked for me over the few days that I tried the product, prior to review.  The ointment is a clear, thick cream and you only need to use it very sparingly, so although the tube is only 4g, which doesn’t seem very much, it will actually go quite a long way.  My eyelids felt soothed and hydrated, which was a welcome feeling.

I liked the fact that it didn’t feel like I was using a ‘healthcare’ product, it just felt like part of my usual beauty regime. It’s important that people with sensitive skin can feel like they’re using a regular product, not something specifically designed for healthcare purposes.

The ointment applied really smoothly and appeared to absorb quite easily.  It felt light on my eyelids, to the point that it didn’t feel like there was anything on there, which was great. Sometimes when you apply products to your eyelids, they get caught up in your eyelashes and can appear thick and uncomfortable, but this felt soothing.

On the Epimax website, I was able to find a little bit more information about the product and note that it is:
SLS-free (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free)

The Eyelid Ointment retails at £9.95 which is very reasonable for a product such as this, which will potentially last quite a while.  This item would make an ideal Christmas Stocking filler for a beauty lover, who might be prone to flaky, itching skin on their eyelids or for someone looking for a soothing moisturiser to use overnight.

Delivery costs £3 (or free delivery with orders over £35) and they aim for delivery within 2-3 working days.

I would recommend the product to anyone who is prone to dry, itchy skin and even those suffering with eczema and would most likely purchase the product again.

Epimax is a healthcare company who sell a range of specialist moisturisers (emollient) creams for relief of dry, sensitive or eczema and psoriasis prone skins, plus gels which offer the comfort of a cream, but with the relief of an ointment and also ointments, which are more suitable for overnight use providing intensive relief.  All products are aimed at people with dry, sensitive, eczema or psoriasis prone skins.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.95 for 4g tube

You can buy Epimax Eyelid Ointment here.

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