Edifier W800BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Reviewed by David Savage

More and more of us have portable devices, like phones and tablets, to listen to our favourite music or watch our favourite television shows whilst on the go. Having everybody playing the sound from their device and competing with everybody around them just wouldn’t work, the cacophony of sounds would be extremely annoying (it’s bad enough listening to teenagers playing tinny music through cheap phone speakers whilst they stroll down the street). For us all to enjoy what we are listening to or watching whilst we are out and about we need good quality headphones, earphones or even earbuds and Edifier are specialists in speakers and personal audio listening equipment. For this review I was sent their W800BT Bluetooth Headphones.

The W800BT are lightweight wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones. They are available in three colour options: Black, White or Red. After looking at the Edifier website and Amazon, the version I have been sent, in black, seem to have been updated as they have a better specification than listed on the website as they now have Bluetooth v5.0 (was v4.0) and now have a better battery life with up to 50 hours playback (was 35 hours) with 800 hours standby time from a 3 hour charge.

As Bluetooth headphones they are very easy to charge using the supplied USB cable. One of the biggest issues with wireless headphones is what do you do when the battery is running out? Well Edifier have thought of that and have made the W800BT Headphones wireless and wired – a 3.5mm audio cable is supplied so that they can be used on a wired connection when the battery is low.

As headphones, they are very light-weight and extremely comfortable to wear – over the head and on the ear (the ear pads are very soft and fit my ears well). Made from breathable high elastic sponge and faux leather cover, they look good and feel comfortable. They are simple to connect to a device by Bluetooth and have controls on the right ear piece that are easy to access and use.

The sound quality is excellent, I tried using with different genres of music and was impressed with the bass and tones of all the various types. Vocals and speech are also clear and crisp.

Using Bluetooth, the connection is stable (have a 10m range), and can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The headphones have an 800 hours standby time with up to 50 hours of playtime, depending on audio level you are using). It takes approx. 3 to 3.5 hours to fully charge them.

At around £40 they could be considered budget or entry level headphones but the build and sound quality are excellent making them much more than their price tag would suggest.


  • Bluetooth: Qualcomm QCC 5.0 for stable connection
  • 40mm audio drivers deliver detailed and powerful sound
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries allow up to 50 hours of playtime
  • Noise reduction for clear phone conversations
  • Connects to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Find audio presets and more on the EDIFIER Connect app

Overall, I am very impressed with the W800BT. The are very lightweight, comfortable to wear, have a good battery life and sound great. They could probably benefit with folding ear pads or coming with a carry bag or case, but maybe that’s just me being picky or expecting too much from headphones in this price range.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £40

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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