Edifier Bric Connect Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Well what can I say about this portable Bluetooth multimedia speaker? Well it’s very impressive with excellent sound quality and I love it.

Having never heard of Edifier before I wasn’t sure what to expect from this speaker but Edifier are an award-winning manufacturer of sound systems. On taking out the speaker from the box I found I had, as the name suggests, an unassuming grey coloured brick (measures 30x13x9cm). So nothing special, just a big charcoal grey speaker, well at least that was my initial thought. Yes it is a Bluetooth speaker that you can connect to an audio device equipped with Bluetooth, but it also has an auxiliary port to connect devices that do not have Bluetooth such as an MP3 player and it also has a built-in microphone so you can connect you Bluetooth enabled mobile phone allowing you to take calls without having to pick up the handset. The phone capabilities would be great for conference calls etc…

It is also portable with a dual power source, it can be used from mains power (AC adapter supplied) or from battery (6x AA batteries, not supplied).

EdifierBricConnect1So having taking it out of the box and plugged into the mains how easy was it going to be to setup? The answer is extremely simple – there are no settings or configuration options to do on the speaker itself and the only buttons on the speaker are on/off, phone and volume. I decided to use it with my Samsung tablet and all I had to do was turn on the Bluetooth on my tablet, search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once it found the speaker I just clicked to pair the device and that was it, all setup within seconds.

Now that it was setup it was time to see what the sound was like so I decided to play a film and went for one with lots of shooting and aircraft noise and the sound was very clear, even at high volume. The unit has 2x 2¾ 6w drivers, giving 12w RMS, hidden behind the front grill which is more than enough for personal use. The sound was perfect and in-sync with the picture (some devices I have used seem to be a second or 2 out). You can control the volume from the volume up/down button on top of the speaker or with the remote control that is supplied with it (has its own convenient storage compartment on the base of the speaker) .

Now after watching a film for 2 hours without no sound loss, or break in signal I decided to try the auxiliary port with my MP3 player. A 3.5mm audio cable is supplied which connects the speaker to the MP3 player, again no setup needed it just plays as expected. The only problem I did find was with tracks with a lot of bass it did distort slightly at top volume.

Now it was time to test the phone capabilities. I turned on the Bluetooth on my phone and paired with speaker, it connected straightaway and I could hear the key press tones through the speaker. I them got my brother to phone my mobile. Once the phone was ringing (which could be heard through the speaker) I just pressed the phone button on the speaker (this can also be done from the remote) to answer the call. I could heat the caller perfectly and they could hear me fine. You can also end the call by pressing the phone button and you can also reject a call by holding down the button. This is perfect for conference calls or video chat and would be great for people hard of hearing.


Overall I am very impressed with this speaker system. The sound is clear with no loss of quality. It is extremely easy to set up, even for people that don’t like technology. With a retail price of £79.99 it is excellent value for money an it even comes with a drawstring bag  to store it in when carrying it about to prevent scratches etc…

The only possible downside is the size and weight (about 1.35kg) which could may put some people off the portability side of it, but it does house 2 drivers in one unit giving a great sound so for me isn’t that big of an issue, I would mostly be using it in situ anyway as when out and about I use earphones.

I would definitely recommend this speaker, so simple to set up and use, clear sound and a very reasonable price. What more could you ask for?

Rating: 4.5/5

Bric Connect (iF335BT) Features:

  • Built-in microphone with Bluetooth phone answering capabilities allowing hands-free calls, conference calls and video chats
  • Enhance movie & video streaming on mobile/Bluetooth devices
  • Wireless remote control with Bluetooth volume, track and play/pause adjustment
  • Battery and AC power options for portable or stationary use (6 AA Batteries—not included)
  • Class D amplifier with 2 x 2¾ inch (70mm) full range speaker drivers
  • Bass reflex port for powerful bass audio output
  • Bluetooth and auxiliary input options
  • Available in black and hi-gloss white.

For more information visit www.edifier-international.com. Available to buy from Amazon here and other leading retailers.

4 half Star


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