Ecover Multi Action Wipes Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Ecover in an innovative cleaning brand that are eco-friendly and use plant based materials in their products eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

I recently received a pack of Ecover Ant-Bacterial Pomegranate & Lime Multi Action Wipes. I was still a little bit wary of using a plant based product rather than chemicals even though I had excellent results with the Oven & Hob Cleaner.

There were 40 wipes in the pack, which opens very easily and is resealable to keep the wipes fresh. They had a great smell leaving surfaces smelling fresh and clean. Yes they smell great and are easy to use but can they actually do the job?

The answer is YES! One quick wipe of the worktop and the surface was clean and they claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria, obviously I am not a scientist so I will just have to take their word for that part.

The wipes are made from biodegradable fabric and most of the packaging can be recycled apart from the sticky film tab to reseal the pack (but they are working on that).

Overall, another great kitchen cleaning product from Ecover. Eco-friendly but most importantly do the job they are designed to do and clean kitchen surfaces very easily.

With an RRP of £2.20 for a pack of 40 wipes I think this is great value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2.20

Available to buy from Ecover Direct here or in supermarkets.

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