eatsleepdoodle The Doodle Apron Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

The Doodle Adults Apron from eatsleepdoodle comes in a see through packaging clearly showing a white apron with grey stripes on it and a packet of pens. On opening the packet, it became apparent that the apron was very good quality material and also sports a pocket on the left hand side. The design is also enhanced with a vertical red stripe and a modern black design to one side of the apron. The pack includes 10 different colour washout fabric pens and each is double ended with a thinner end for detail and a thicker end for colouring in. My 4 year old was very excited he was actually allowed to draw on something other than paper and we sat down together to colour a garden themed design complete with flowers and rain clouds.

After my son went to bed I washed the apron to test out the basis of the doodle, wash, repeat strapline. There were not really any instructions apart from wash at 40 degrees so I wasn’t sure if I washed at 30 for instance, if it would still disappear. In the morning, I pulled the apron out of the washer to find it completely clean and back to the original design. My son was amazed and felt sure it was magic!

I was really impressed with this product, it’s a really great gift idea. We found it fun to do as a family but it would also be great for a group of friends at a cookery class or for Dad’s Father’s Day present, it is a really versatile gift. I was pleased to see eatsleepdoodle also do a children’s version as I know several younger members of the family that would enjoy it. So often when you give a present its worn once and put away but this apron can be used over and over again. Its great quality and for £13.50 or £11.50, adults and child’s respectively I think it is very good value for money.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.50 (Children) / £13.50 (Adult)

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