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Drumond Park Rattle Me Bones Review

Reviewed by CW

We love playing board games in our family, always have and hopefully always will. Drumond Park always have a great selection to choose from so we were delighted when we received their latest offering – Rattle Me Bones.

Rattle Me Bones is a game of skill and luck where you have to collect pieces of treasure before Captain Boney shakes and jumps. The first player to collect three pieces of treasure and the golden hat is the winner!

This game is for 2-4 players aged 5 years and upwards. I was playing this with my daughter and granddaughter. There is some assembly required before play can start and requires 3x AA batteries.

In the box there is:
a treasure pile base with opening treasure chest, Captain Boney Skeleton, spinner card, spinner piece, 6 coins, 12 various treasure pieces (4 red, 4 blue and 4 yellow), 1 staff, 1 golden hat and of course the instruction leaflet.

Assembly is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. The batteries are installed in the base of the treasure pile and the compartment can only be accessed using a screwdriver so there is no chance of inquisitive little hands removing and playing with batteries. The instructions leaflet gives good, clear instructions in words and pictures of how to place Captain Boney on the treasure pile and where to place the treasure pieces, coins and hat. Now assembled we were reading to play (there is an on/off switch on the base).


Gameplay is very simple and lots of fun. If you have ever played games like Buckaroo then the concept is the same, you have to collect pieces from the skeleton without making him jump. My granddaughter started first and by spinning the spinner. Whatever colour the spinner lands on is the colour of the treasure piece that has to be collected, if you can remove that colour piece from Captain Boney without waking him up then you keep the piece and the next player takes their turn and so on. However if when you are removing a piece you wake Captain Boney he jumps and shakes throwing off all his treasure and you get nothing (that player has to return all the treasure thrown off including the piece they were trying to take). The first player that collects 3 pieces of any coloured treasure (2 coins count as one treasure piece and a coin is collected when there is no treasure piece of the colour directed by the spinner) then has to try and collect the Golden Hat off the head of Captain Boney, but be careful if you set him off you do not only have to put back the hat and treasure that comes off but also one of your collected treasure pieces.

Overall we loved the game, although I think myself and my daughter loved it for the skill of trying to remove the treasure pieces while my young granddaughter seemed to love watching Captain Boney jump and shake, throwing his treasure around. We have had a great time with this game and it is a brilliant way to spend quality time together as a family. The pieces are sturdy, are not  flimsy so won’t break easily and with a retail price of £22.99 I think it represents value for money as everybody can play it.

Another thrilling, exciting, quality game from Drumond Park!

Rating: 5/5

Suitable age: 5 years + | Players: 2-4

RRP: £22.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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