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Drumond Park Best of British Board Game Review

Reviewed by David Savage

The Best of British board game from Drumond Park is part of the very successful and exciting series of the LOGO family of games. It is a game of knowledge and is suitable for a mix of players from 12 years +, making use of everybody’s knowledge. Suitable for 2 to 6 players or 2 teams or any number. The winner is the first person or team to reach the Winning Zone in the centre on the board and answer the bonus question correctly.

Box contents:
1 Circular Game Board
6 Different Coloured Playing Pieces
400 Question Cards
1 Instructions Sheet

Game Setup
Setting up the board to play is very easy. Place the game board on the table. Each player takes one of the mover pieces or if playing as a team one piece per team and place it on the start space on the board. There are 3 sets of question cards in the box:

Picture Cards these have relating to a question on the card.

Common Theme Cardsthese have four questions relating to a common theme.

Pot Luckthese have four random questions Best of British questions.


Game Play
We were playing in 2 teams of four so the oldest player in each team becomes the question master for their team. To start the team with the youngest player goes first – the Question Master of that team selects a card and reads the first question on the card (red) to the other team (you have to make sure that no other player can see the questions/answers on the card).

If the question is answered correctly that that team moves their playing piece to the first red space on the board, and then goes on to the next question on the same card until all four questions on the card are answered correctly at which point the card is placed at the back of the pack and then the other team gets their turn at becoming Question Master. The card has four different coloured questions representing the colour space that you move too if answered correctly (red, light blue, dark blue and green).

If the question is answered incorrectly it becomes a bonus question for the Question Master’s team.

This continues until a team answers a question for a colour that is no longer available on the board which then moves their piece into the Winning Zone in the centre of the board. Once inside the Winning Zone you must answer a bonus question correctly to win, this means the opposing team must get a question wrong for you to get the bonus question.

Overall Best of British is a great fun game that the whole family will enjoy. With questions from how to make a cup of tea, names of pop singers, British passports , football clubs, television shows and many more I think it is much better as a team game rather than individual play so that you can combine your pool of knowledge.

We have played this several times and had hours of fun playing it and can see it getting plenty of use in the future. I love this game and there are questions for all levels of knowledge so no one will feel left out.

Highly recommend.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

Suitable for 2-6 players, 12 years to adult.

For more information and stockists visit or available to buy from Amazon here.


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