Doddl Childs Cutlery Set Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

At first glance, I wasn’t sure how the knife would work but I pleasantly surprised to say the least.

The handles on each of the spoon, knife and fork are extremely strong, sturdy and robust with a silicone grip on each side of them. These make them easier for a toddler to hold and grip safely and without dropping them. The shape, design and silicone grips on the cutlery set are a fantastic design in order to help a child eat on their own.

That handles are small as you’d expect for a toddler who’s learning how to feed themselves and the design can help with their development on grip . The handles are ergonomically designed which makes it easier for children to control each utensil easily, giving them time to develop the skills when making the change to adult cutlery.

As soon as my grandson started to use the cutlers, he adapted very quickly, far quicker than I would of imagined. He was very inquisitive to start with as he had been using a standard spoon and fork that are usually designed for toddlers. It didn’t take him long to woof down his food down. It was an absolute pleasure watching him handle himself very well with each of the utensils (he is 15 months old) and adapted to them like a duck in water.

What is very important and great to see and watch, is that I have noticed how my grandson now has far more confidence eating with each of Doddl’s cutlery set than he did with others that I have tried with him before. He actually enjoys eating his food with less mess and time.

It is by far, the best toddlers feeding cutlery I have ever come across and with 5 children, 5 grandchildren and as ab ex-childminder, I can say, that I’ve tried many toddlers/child’s Cuttlery sets and Doddl is most definitely the best I have ever experienced.

Each utensil is also designed in such a way that they help children to open their little tiny and cute fingers to hold, pinch and grip them. So adorable to watch and see.

We take them out with is as they are small enough to carry around with you and easily fits into his changing bag. Doddl do actually sell a cutlery case for just £4.95, so I may look into buying one of these too.

Great to know:-

Suitable from 1 to 5 years and plus
Made from high-quality BPA free materials, the set is dishwasher safe and long lasting to support your child.
Approved by experts and certified safe for children
Develops skills and confidence
Helps teach little hands
Handles are contoured to perfectly fit your child’s hand
Builds skills and confidence
Easy and fun for toddlers and young children to use
Dishwasher safe and long lasting
Doddl’s clever toddler knife, fork and spoon sets are designed to encourage children to open up their fingers and pinch the cutlery
Helps move young children from the basic palmar grip to the more advanced pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and write.
Doddl encourages correct finger placement, helping them to make a successful transition to adult cutlery when they are ready.
British design
Created alongside child development specialists

Comes in 3 choices of colours:-


Rating: 5/5

RRP: £16.95

You can purchase this item from the Doddl website here

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