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Dixit Board Game Review

Reviewed by Louise Platt

I was recently asked to review the Esdevium Games Dixit board game. This game was well packaged and has instructions which are easy to follow. The game is very easy to set up and is beautifully designed; clearly a lot of thought has gone into the picture cards and the tokens.

The premise of the game is that the “storyteller” must make up a sentence based on one of six picture cards held in their hand. The other players then select one of their own cards which most closely matches the sentence. All cards are then displayed and players then have to decide which card belongs to the storyteller.

Although this is an interesting concept, it can also be the game’s weakness. The storyteller needs to come up with a sentence which reflects their own picture card, but which is not so obvious that the other players can easily determine which card is the storytellers. This leads to long pauses in the game while the storyteller decides on their sentence, especially once the game has been played a few times as the cards become familiar and new ideas are required. It also leads to discussions as to the credibility of the storyteller’s sentence once the correct card has been revealed.

Despite this the game is stimulating and encourages creativity and thinking outside the box and for that it should be commended. However it definitely requires a few plays to become used to the concept and to get inside the strategy and therefore some people may not persevere with it.

Although the game can be played with a minimum of three players, it works best when there are five or six players as there is more scope for the storyteller to successfully disguise their picture. It is therefore only really suitable for large families or social gatherings.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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