Dick Whittington Review

Dick Whittington

Oldham Coliseum Theatre
26 November 2011 – 14 January 2012

Reviewed by Julie Gorst

I went to Dick Whittington at the Oldham Coliseum theatre with my 7 year old granddaughter Madison. We arrived at the theatre after trying to find it as it’s set down a side street on the other side of Oldham town centre (hard to find if you don’t know Oldham). it is a very petite theatre and they were selling the program at £2.60 and the flashing toys at £4.00 which I found very reasonable.

We took our seats in the stalls and where we had a good view. The show started with Liz Carney (Fairy Bowbells). She told the story as it progressed through the panto, she was great and the audience loved her, (when she appeared on stage they all cheered.) Then we met Richard J Fletcher (Silly Billy), he was the Buttons of the panto. He was funny and he wanted to become captain of the good ship Metrolink, the kids loved him. He came out with a few old jokes but they are still funny and when he came out he would shout out “I'm not silly” and the kids would shout back “cause your Captain Billy”. He worked for Alderman Fitzwarren) played by Simeon Truby who was a merchant and owned the good ship Metrolink and a shop, which he ran with his daughter Alice played by Lisa Holliman. She played Alice beautifully. Then we meet Fine Time Fontayne (Saucy Sarah Suet), he played this part with feeling. He was fabulous and very very funny with a tongue in cheek humour. He did a few costume changes and all the costumes were great. Dick Whittington was played by Justine Elizabeth Bailey, she looked great and sang beautifully.  King Rat played by Andonis Anthony played this part brilliantly, he got the boos and hisses. He did a part where he sang I’m Sexy and You Know It, his moves will brilliant and everyone loved it, it was very funny.

The pantomime was full of fun laughter with slap stick comedy. All the cast played their parts brilliantly and everyone joined in. They also had a sing along where they got a few children up out of the audience to take part and Madison was one of them, she loved that she was picked. It was a great pantomime and would go and see this again and I would take all my family. I give this panto 5/5. Brilliant fun for all the family the only downside was that you couldn't take any photos.

Dick Whittington was extremely funny and made me laugh a lot. I loved every part of it and when my mum asked what part was my favourite I couldn't pick. I loved it all! I was really lucky to have been picked to go on stage and do some dancing with the characters and I got a prize. I have told all my friends how good it was and to go and see it. I would give it 5 out of 5.
Madison (Age 7)

Written by Fine Time Fontayne
Directed by Kevin Shaw
Designed by Celia Perkins

Fine Time Fontayne(Sarah the Cook)
Andonis Anthony(King Rat)
Justine Elizabeth Bailey (Dick Whittington)
Liz Carney (Fairy Bowbells)
Richard J Fletcher (Simple Simon)
Lisa Holliman (Alice Fitzwarren)
Simeon Truby (Alderman Fitzwarren)

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