Dexam Kitchen Products Review


Reviewed by Lisa Lambert

I was recently sent some kitchen gadgets from Dexam for review. I received the Dexam 360 System Wedgie, the Dexam 360 System Wheelie – 2in1 Pizza Wheel and Herb Cutter and finally the Dexam 360 System Whizzi. Here is what I thought of each item:

Dexam 360 System Wedgie (£11.99)
Well what can say, can’t believe I didn’t know these existed, my little boy age 6 loves it. Jack is a big fruit eater and often a lot of the apple goes to waste if we are not there to core and slice for him, well not any longer as he can use this himself safely. The product itself is well made and cleans easily. It is very simple to use and you can have 6 big wedges or 12 smaller wedges just by twisting the bottom and it cores the apple for you at the same time, cleanly and easily. All you do is place it on the top in the center and push till its goes all the way through and that’s it wedges are ready.  We have also used it for potato wedges although you get the round one in the middle were it would core fruit it didn’t matter cause the kids have found this brilliant and it has allowed them to get more involved  in the cooking. I would definitely recommend this for fruit lovers and people with children, easy to use, easy to clean and quick, you can also take it with you on picnics etc… A fantastic gadget. Rating: 5/5

Dexam 360 System Wheelie – 2in1 Pizza Wheel and Herb Cutter (£11.99)
I don’t know about anyone else but I have never been able to find a pizza cutter that doesn’t bend or actually cuts through my pizza without having to go over it with a knife, WELL now you have this was fab it breezed through a stone baked base no problem clean slices no rolling over 15 times just to cut though it was one clean role from one side to the other. It is and excellent compact little product. It has 2 blades that come together at the touch of the button, and role seamlessly across your pizza. It can also be used as an herb cutter so with 2 blades about 1cm apart you can roll over and cut your herbs quickly and finely. We used the product to finely slice the babies meat into fine slices/slithers as they are only 1 it has to be fine enough for then chew a little and swallow and the wheelie had no issue with sausage meat at all it was quick and cut perfectly. The Wheelie has a safety cover for storage that comes off easily and the whole product cleans easily either by hand or in the dishwasher. A great little kitchen utensil. Rating: 5/5


Dexam 360 System Whizzi – Whisk (£16.99)
Well everyone needs a whisk but if like me you can’t be bothered plugging in the electric one every time this is great to have in your drawer and is way better than a hand one. I did some baking with the kids and we used the whisk for pancake batter and also some fresh cream. The batter was easily whisked using the whisk which is chunky and easy to hold it spins very easily using a winding handle and both my 6 and 9 year old mastered it in seconds. When whisking the cream it was a little bit hard as it took a lot longer and we had to take turns and it got harder to turn as the cream got thicker it did whip it to stiff peaks though. The machine comes apart so you can wash the bottom section were the whisks are which I thought was really clever and stopped you from getting the mechanism wet at the top. This product is excellent for those quick things like batters, eggs and thin things but is slightly harder for things like cream or a thicker cake type batter. It does however work on the all these things so would be a great tool when camping or if you didn’t have access to an electric one and is great for kids to be able to bake on their own and know they are safe and you do not need to supervise them.  My daughter can’t wait to have a go on her own next time. Rating: 5/5

There are 3 other products in the Dexam 360 range which I have listed below. I would highly recommend these products especially to people with children or people less able in the kitchen. The range is all colored in white and red and has a theme through it. All the products were well packaged, easy to unwrap and extremely easy to use.

Having used the 3 products above I would definitely recommend them and I will be looking at getting the other products in the range both for myself and my kids to use.

Dexam 360 System MegaBowl -Preparation Bowl Set
Dexam 360 System GrateMate – Fine Grater
Dexam 360 System NiftySift – Sifter Strainer and Drainer

Rating: 5/5

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