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Dettol Power and Pure Kitchen Review

Reviewed by David Savage

As a lover of Dettol products I recently had the opportunity to a new Power and Pure range. I tried the kitchen products from this range and yet again was not disappointed with this Dettol product.

I received a Dettol Power and Pure Multipurpose Kitchen Spray in a 750ml bottle and Dettol Power and Pure Multipurpose Kitchen wipes.

Both these products kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria and do not leave any residue behind and are free of harsh chemicals so are very safe to use in your kitchen.

I decided to try the wipes first and was amazed at how they worked. I used on the kitchen counter top next to the cooker and once using the wipe it starts to foam up allowing you to clean and removing any dirt and grease. Excellent.

The spray was just as you would expect, point and squeeze the trigger, but again it cuts through dirt and grease very easily.

As they both have an Active Oxygen ingredient there is no need to rinse after cleaning as this breaks down into water and oxygen. So the kitchen was clean, free of bacteria in a lot less time and with no harsh chemicals.

Overall a great kitchen cleaning product (also available for the bathroom), cleans well with no harsh odour of chemicals so safe for all the family. At around £2.99 for the spray and between £2 -£3 for the wipes (depending on pack size) I think this is excellent value for money for a name you can trust.

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit www.dettol.co.uk.

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