DermaTherapy Bedding to control Night Terrors


Take Control of Night Terrors with DermaTherapy Bedding

Night terrors (also called sleep terrors or pavor nocturnes) are a common sleep problem among children.  Approximately 15% of younger children have occasional night terrors. Although most common in children between the ages of 2 and 6 years, they can occur at almost any age.   They are usually considered to be ‘normal’, but are often very scary and distressing to parents.


Most parents become very distressed when they see their child experience their first night terrors, and it’s no wonder. Symptoms of night terrors can include moaning, groaning, screaming, thrashing, gasping, crying, sweating, increased heart rate, and children having a night terror will display a look of sheer panic.

Typical night terrors last about 5 to 30 minutes and afterwards, children usually return to a regular sleep with no recollection of the event in the morning.  They usually occur around 90 minutes into sleep during the later stages of non rapid eye movement (non REM).  Instead of trying to wake up a child having a night terror, it is usually better to just make sure he/she is safe, provide comfort, and help the return to sleep once it is over. Night terrors are most often confused with nightmares, but unlike night terrors, a child having a nightmare is usually easily woken up and comforted.


Since night terrors are often triggered in children who are overtired, sticking to a good bedtime routine and making sure your child is getting enough rest can help to prevent them.

For children who get frequent night terrors, it might help to wake your child up before the time that he/she usually has a night terror. This is thought to interrupt or alter the sleep cycle and prevent night terrors from occurring.  Rarely, sleep medications might be used for a short time.

The use of therapeutic bedding helps to cool the body temperature and is all too often overlooked in helping night terrors.

Since the age of 2 my son, Lewis, has suffered from night terrors. The night terrors occurred if he was tired, hot or ill. They used to be quite infrequent and the doctor said that he should grow out of them in time. However he is now 10 and over the past 5 months they seemed to be getting more severe and also more frequent.

Lewis was going through a particularly bad phase and had night terrors for 7 nights in a row until he slept on specialised bedding called DermaTherapy.  I decided to try the bedding as I noted from the website that one of its properties is to wick moisture away from the skin and I thought this might have a cooling effect on him. It has obviously worked as he hasn’t had a night terror in over 12 months.  Lewis is now able to have a better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed for school and raring to go at his many football sessions. It’s truly amazing what a dramatic effect simply changing Lewis’ bedding has made.

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