Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel Review

Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

I love treating myself to new products so I was very happy when I was offered the opportunity to review Dermalogica’s Soap Free Special Cleansing Gel. The gel comes packaged in a smart grey, recycle-able cardboard box and is contained in a white plastic bottle with a grey press down top, which enables you to dispense the exact amount needed without using too much.

I have extremely sensitive skin which irritates quite easily so I need to be quite cautious when applying anything new onto my skin. I initially opened the box and read the information leaflet, which instructed me to apply a small amount of gel onto my hands and rub it into my moistened face. However, as I have previously had severe adverse reactions to cosmetic items, I prefer to take things slowly. For the first few days, I dabbed a small amount of the gel onto my inner wrist and forearm. So far, so good. I then tried a minuscule amount onto one cheek. The following day, after having no nasty reaction, I was able to try cleansing my entire face and throat with the lovely foaming gel. A small amount of the gel goes a very long way so I used it quite sparingly, but it still foamed up beautifully and rinsed off easily with water. I have not used any kind of soap on my skin for years and was therefore reassured to note that this item is completely soap free. It contains no artificial perfumes or colours, which is extremely reassuring to anyone who has problem skin.

After using the Dermalogica cleansing gel, my skin feels amazingly clean, refreshed and rejuvenated without that unpleasant feeling of tightness which you sometimes get from using cleanser. The gel is suitable for a variety of different skin conditions and I would definitely recommend it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £28 (250ml)

Available to buy from Pure Beauty here.


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