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Cricut Joy – Canvas with Ballerina, Initial Letter, Rolled Flowers & Thank You Card Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

One of the projects suggested to me for the Cricut Joy was a ‘Reverse Canvas’. I googled this and
assumed the idea was to revamp an old canvas by removing it from it’s frame then putting vinyl or
infusible ink on the reverse. I did not possess an old canvas or know anyone who might have one, I
did the next best thing and bought a small stretched canvas on a wooden frame. My granddaughter
loves to dance, in fact she dances 6.5 days a week in term time. I decided to find a picture of a ballerina to put on this canvas for her.
The svg I found showed a ballerina wearing a long tutu on pointe surrounded by stars, ideal for my
granddaughter. I cut the vinyl and ironed it onto the canvas by padding it out underneath as the
canvas was raised up on a wooden frame. I felt it still needed something else to complete this
design. Using the text box I typed ‘Pointe Work’, chose a suitable font, ungrouped the letters which I
moved closer together to look like joined up writing. I grouped the letters together and welded the
text to keep it together whilst I cut the vinyl, I placed this below the ballerina and ironed it on. My
granddaughter is quite impressed with her canvas. I would love to do something similar for her
birthday but make it into a Light Box.
I was wondering what I should do next when I was asked to do another of my favourite initial letters
with the full name through the middle. I had a small deep wooden frame already, so I created my
design in Design Space. From previous experience I have discovered the best width for the design is
7cm which allows enough room around the letter for a border when the permanent vinyl is placed
on linen type card in the frame. Using the guillotine I carefully trimmed the card to the correct size
and placed it in the frame.
I am obsessed with making rolled flowers using card, I just love making them. I have discovered that
I can make them on the Cricut Joy if I make the design no more than 11cm wide. I wanted to
decorate a box to put the wooden frame in so cut three tiny flowers to put in between the larger
flowers I had already made. Once cut I rolled the flowers, then using the glue gun I stuck them
together and arranged them on the box. To my mind they look beautiful, so tiny and pretty.
I wanted to say thank you to someone so chose a suitable Thank You card in Design Space. I decided
to use a very light colour for the card itself and using the Cricut Joy cut the design. I had a piece of
deep turquoise card which I cut to size for the insert. As the deep turquoise was a complete contrast
to the light coloured card they look great together.
I love the flexibility of the Cricut Joy. It is small enough to be carried around but you can still make
some great designs using it.

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