Cocoa Canopy Hot Chocolate Review


Reviewed  by Charlotte Gatehouse

When the weather is cold there isn’t anything better to warm you up then a Hot Chocolate. We’re all crazy for chocolate in my house including its liquid form that’s why I very quickly put myself forward to review Cocoa Canopy Drinking Chocolate beads.

Now we are no stranger to making hot chocolate both in its budget friendly instant powdered-mix with water form and more recently in our new high end gadget that heats, whisks and smooths milk whilst mixing in the chocolate flakes from a well known high end chocolatier so we really felt we could do the taste test justice.

We were sent 2x 225g boxes- Smooth Milk and Rich Dark. The packaging is nice and Eye catching, on the back giving simple steps to make the Hot Chocolate,
1. Melt 4-5 teaspoons in a little boiling water
2. Add milk (hot or cold)
3. Mix

The Drinking Chocolate itself is made up of small chocolate ‘beads’ I tried them in their beady form and they tasted like yummy chocolate as you would expect, I could probably have just sat and ate the beads with a spoon but I managed to control myself.

Following the instructions I first tried the smooth milk this was lovely, it melted well, and had a lovely sweet taste, my daughter gave this a big thumbs up. Couldn’t fault it really, no lumps or watered down taste that can be found it many instant options.

I then tried the Rich Dark, it was smooth and delicious, not too sweet but not bitter either, it felt like a real treat, this was my favourite and as the rest of my family aren’t fans of dark chocolate it meant more for me. Win!

The 225g boxes are £6.25 and they make up 9 servings this works out about 70p a cup, completely reasonable and worth it in my opinion and much nicer and cheaper than picking up a takeaway option from the coffee shop. They also have Equador Dark, Salted Caramel and a mixed Milk and Dark which I would like to try and sounds like the best of both worlds.

Another bonus is that the packaging is completely plastic free and sustainably sourced which makes it a good choice from an ethical point of view and also suitable for vegans. Cocoa Canopy is a British Company based in Surrey and was established over a decade ago, I am always more than happy to support British businesses and our economy so it’s really ticking all the boxes.

They have gift boxes and refill pouches in the range and these can be bought from their website and amazon which could not be more convenient.

I would definitely recommend as a gift and its reasonably priced enough to become a regular item in the shopping. It’s a fab all rounder, I can’t think of anyone I know that wouldn’t enjoy this the only problem is how more-ish it is and that’s not going to help my waistline.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.25 for 225g

This product is available to buy from the Cocoa Canopy website here.

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