Cluedo At Kings Theatre, Edinburgh Review


Reviewed by Lynsey

There is no doubt that this comedy spoof thriller is based on the 1985 US film and ultimately the great British Whodunit Board Game. With all the familiar characters, weapons, and plot, it is a real nostalgic treat.

Set in “Boddy Mansion” in the 1940’s the plot brings together a somewhat unusual group of characters for a dinner party with a twist. They all have one thing in common and over the course of the evening their shameful secrets are revealed. Giving them all motive for murder – and coincidently a weapon.

The dialog is very quick whited. It reminded me of the humour and style of shows like Dad’s Army and Hello Hello. It was a little slap stick sugared with political amusement. So, a real crowd pleaser for a certain generation for sure.

I think however me being under 40 some of the creativity of the script was lost on me. I felt the whodunit and why lacked the build-up suspense I would have liked and could have played a bigger part in the plot. Instead, there was a lot of repetitiveness because of the silly nature of the play. But that is absolutely down to my personal preference as opposed to a criticism of the script. Because as the dead bodies began to mount and the slap stick got sillier the audience laughs got louder.

The characters were very simplistic, but each had their own comical personality and one liners. Jean-Luke Worrell was very entertaining as the not quite what he seems Butler. For me a very charismatic cross between Lurch and Edmund Blackadder. And Laura Kirman’s ancient slips were very funny and well done. Even a little wardrobe malfunction by Harry Bradley was handled well. I would have however liked to have seen more of their immoralities come through in their characters.

Now it was the stage setting that really impressed me. It was very creative how the set all folded in and out to allow the characters to move from room to room. Giving the audience only a small glimpse of each room but providing just enough to really set the right scene of an authentic old English Manor.

The King’s Theatre is a traditional small theatre with a very welcoming atmosphere and friendly helpful staff. It is located in the city center so is easily accessible by public transport but is also surrounded by on street parking. It has a couple of small bars perfect for a pre-theatre or interval drinks. And has a huge variety of restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity for food and drink pre and post show.

On the whole I had a pleasant evening watching what was undoubtedly murder and mayhem at its best. And would recommend the play to family and friends and friends, particularly those of an older generation. It has certainly put me in the mood to dust off my childhood board game and play it with my children.

Rating: I would give the production 3 out of 5 stars.

The show is on from Tuesday 10th May 2022 until Saturday 14th May 2022

Tickets cost from £23 (ticket prices include a contribution to the Theatres Development Fund.

For more information and to book tickets please visit Cluedo – Capital Theatres or phone the box office on 0131 529 6000

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