Christina Aguilera Unforgettable Perfume Review


ChristinaAguileraUnforgettableChristina Aguilera Unforgettable
Eau de Parfum

Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

I have to say that I was nicely surprised by this perfume. The Christina Aguilera Unforgettable perfume comes in a black box with a white lace design which gives it an elegant and expensive look. The box explains this fragrance as ‘The feminine essence of timeless fascination. Sensual notes like Night Blooming Jasmine make you unforgettable’. With this in mind and with the black and white box, I was expecting a very heavy overpowering perfume, but when I sprayed it, it was a lot more floral and lightly musky. I was pleasantly surprised.

It did start off quite strong and sweet, but once it had settled it lasted well. I put this fragrance on my wrists and neck at about 11am and by about 9pm you could still just about smell it on my wrists. However it didn’t stay as strong. Once it had settled down and didn’t have that ‘newly sprayed perfume’ smell it stayed on my skin with a fruity, floral scent. I received two compliments the first day I wore it.

It is a feminine floral scent. I would probably say more of a womanly perfume rather than for girls or teenagers as it is quite a mature smelling perfume. It is a nice perfume for wintery days as it is a lovely warming scent.

I am not normally one to buy celebrity perfumes as there seems to be so many, but I am actually quite impressed by this perfume and I think I will be using it for a while.

The only down side was the size of the bottle. The box is quite large, but the bottle of perfume is rather small. I don’t think there needs to be so much packaging. I was expecting a larger bottle of perfume to be in such a big box.

Overall, I would rate this perfume four out of five. It is a scent that can be used either day or night and has a lovely floral smell. It lasts well and isn’t a perfume that will overpower. It is slightly over packaged, but I will definitely enjoy wearing it.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.90 (30ml), £29.90 (50ml) and £19.90 (30ml Gift Set)

Available to buy from The Fragrance Shop here.

4 Star

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