Chris James Hello Aloe Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Hello Aloe is an Aloe Vera juice drink from the Chris James Mind and Body Cleanse range. It comes in a small 50ml bottle, not unlike a rescue remedy bottle, and is beautifully yet classically presented in a classic style grey white and purple box. The instructions are clear on the box and bottle and it’s simple to use, just add 8 drops to 100ml of water which is about a third of a cup. I am notoriously bad for not drinking enough water so taking the Hello Aloe reminded me to keep up my water intake, another benefit of the drink.

The Aloe Vera drink when made up is well diluted so it doesn’t really taste any different from a glass of water, it’s easy to fit into your routine by just adding the required 8 drops per day mid-morning, after exercise or whenever you would normally have a drink.

Aloe Vera has well known health benefits its main ones being fighting dry and damaged skin. The juice increases skin elasticity giving it a strong anti-aging effect, contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and is full of anti-oxidants. All in all a fabulous addition to a healthy diet and the perfect detox for those post-Christmas blues.

Chris James is a well-respected yoga teacher with a passion for nutrition. His Mind and body range includes a 12 day total internal cleanse package which sounds like the perfect antidote for January. Hello Aloe is a vegan supplement free from wheat, lactose, yeast and starch and so causing no known allergic reactions you can rest assured it’s safe to use.

I really liked this product, it’s simple to use, full of health benefits and is cost effective as at only 8 drops per day a bottle lasts a long time. I will definitely be continuing to use Hello Aloe and you never know it might inspire me to start yoga classes again!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.95

Available to buy from Chris James here.


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