Chicco Next2Moon Projector Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

The Next2Moon 3-in-1 cot mobile with projection is suitable from birth. I got it for my baby who sleeps next to me in a sidecar cot. The plan was that we would switch it on at bedtime whilst she enjoys her last feed before drifting sweetly off to sleep.  

The reality, of course, is that she thrashes about like an attacking crocodile and hoots like a baby owl rather than just quietly falling asleep. This is why I thought a musical cot projector such as the Chicco Next2Moon would be a good idea.  

It arrived attractively boxed and the instructions were well written and easy to follow. The 3-in-1 part of the name refers to the product being used as a cot mobile, a cot projector and a nightstand projector.

When you’re using the Chicco Next2Moon as a cot mobile, the projector unit fits simply into a unit which clamps securely and easily onto the cot bars using a large plastic screw. There is a fabric canopy with a dear little dangling star.  This fits into the top of the unit and brings the projected images of stars and teddies closer to your baby so they can see it easily lying in a cot. My baby seems to love the projections and was happy to gaze at them whilst I got a few bits of laundry folded, which could almost be considered a treat.

When your baby is a little bigger and can see further, you can remove the hanging canopy, thereby converting the Chicco Next2Moon into a cot projector which then projects the teddies, moons and stars over a larger area onto the ceiling and walls. The images move slowly which soothes the baby. The projector also fits onto the side of our bunk bed, which meant that my older daughter was able to borrow it for a couple of nights and even though she’s 5, she did love the projections and found the music helped her go to sleep.

Once your baby can push up onto hands and knees, it is recommend that you remove the Chicco Next2Moon from the side of the cot and convert it into the nightstand projector by pushing the button which ejects it from the cot mobile attachment and slotting it into the nightstand base. It still works in exactly the same way but can then be used out of reach of the baby.

The Chicco Next2Moon plays up to 45 minutes of classical music and sounds of nature, we particularly enjoyed the music as it is a recording of instruments playing the music rather than being synthesised as musical toys aimed at babies usually are. The nature sounds such as raindrops falling and the sound of the sea appear calming for babies. The birds chirping was my favourite, but it was a little bit noisy and the baby usually stirred at that point if she wasn’t fully asleep. You can skip to the next sound by pushing the music button once. I liked that it has two volume settings and three timed settings before it switches itself off, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. I haven’t tried leaving it on for 45 though as baby is always asleep well before that much time has passed. 

I do feel that the Chicco Next2Moon 3-in-1 has enhanced the level of calm we’re able to achieve at bedtime and provides my baby with something enjoyable and comforting right when she needs it most.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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