Chezzie Le Choux Cupcake Decorating Class Review


Chezzie Le Choux Cupcake Decorating Class

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

My daughter Kate 5 and I were recently asked to attend and review an adult and child Cupcake Decorating Class run by Chezzie Le Choux at the Trafford Centre.

At first I was going to decline the offer as I wasn't sure how my daughter would react as her autism means going anywhere new can be extremely stressful for her. I decided to be brave and accept the invitation and am so glad I did.

Kate and I arrived at the Trafford Centre and after a little mix up with venues we were asked to meet at Kro Bar (where the adult cupcake decorating classes are held) in the Orient at the Trafford Centre.

The mix up was not the fault of the team at Chezzie Le Choux and they handled the situation extremely professionally and couldn't apologise enough for the mix up. The mix up was a good opportunity to have a chat with the other people taking the class and was a real ice breaker.

Once at Kro Bar we were shown to a nice light and airy room with a rectangular table and 10 chairs, each child were asked their name and were assigned a seat with their adult besides them. Each chair had an apron which proved essential once we had started. There were recipe cards on the table for the adults to take home with them. We were all offered a beverage and then it was time to start.

The class leader introduced herself as Cherrill and explained about what the class involves. Cherrill was an absolute ray of sunshine and was so cheery and helpful when any of us got stuck. Cherrill's daughter and husband were both there too and they worked extremely well together.

We made 5 individual cupcakes each:
Cookie Monster, Easter Chick, A Sheep, A Nest & one of our own design

Each cake was fun to make and Cherrill explained each step to the class and was there if we needed help. My daughter was very taken with Cherrill and chitter chattered away with her. Cherrill paid each child and adult compliments on their efforts which was nice and made our efforts feel even more special.

Cherrill gave us all some useful tips to try when baking and decorating cupcakes at home which was a real bonus.

The class lasted 2 hours and it flew by so quickly.

At the end of the class our cakes were put in white card cupcake handbags and each child was presented with a certificate and a gift cake made by Cherrill herself. Kate chose a Honey Bee cake and couldn't wait to get home to devour it.

I made Cherrill aware of Kate's autism at the start of the class as I was worried she may of played up and distracted the other children, Cherrill was fantastic and treated Kate with care and patience, even when Kate had a little wobble and lost her rag.

As a parent of a child with special needs child I cannot recommend Chezzie le Choux enough, not only did they make Kate and I feel welcome but they helped make Kate's day. It was lovely to be able to do something like this with Kate without the usual tuts and stares when she has a wobble.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave so we thanks Cherrill for a fantastic experience, picked up our cake handbags and certificate and toddled home very happy.

The price for a place on the Adult and Child course is £49 which I think is a fair price as the 2 hours is jampacked.

Rating: 5/5 

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