Charles Worthington Volume Big Bounce Review


Charles Worthington
Volume Big Bounce Hair Spray

Reviewed by Hollie Richardson

Big Bounce Spray is part of the Charles Worthington Limited Edition BAFTA and 25 Year Anniversary Collection. Surely this means voluminous and bouncy hair, fabulous enough for the big screen? Well I’m happy to say that, yes, it does!

Application is straight forward. Towel dry your hair then spray generously onto the root and brush through to the tip. I use a roll brush to uplift my hair when drying and would suggest that others do the same. Like with most other hair products, you need to use the right tools in unison to get the best results. There is no point in using this spray and then drying your hair with a normal brush.

I have fine hair and was not counting on great results. However once I finish styling I do find that it has more oomph to it than normal and my newly cut fringe looks nice and full. The spray also helps keep my hair in style and gives it a nice glossy finish.

I did some research to find out what makes this possible. The spray contains collagen extract and styling polymers that bond to each individual hair. I was never very good at science so I don’t know exactly what this means but, it sounds good and the results prove it.

Overall this is a product that does what it says on the bottle. The scent of the spray is fresh and clean, and reminds me of being in a salon. The packaging is simple and easy to pack in an overnight bag. It doesn’t perform miracles but gives you a little va va voom.

Rating: 4/5

For more information or to buy Volume Big Bounce Spray click here.

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