Cawston Press Soft Drinks Review

CaswstonPressCawston Press Drinks

Reviewed by Jessica Jewson

Firstly these two drinks where packaged so nicely. I received the elderflower lemonade and the ginger beer in a colourful cardboard box. The cans where displayed neatly so when you opened the box you could see what flavours they were. I hadn’t really thought about how the cans would be packaged but when I received the box I appreciated the effort. It could have been a standard cardboard box but it was white with various fruit on it and small patterns that had looked like they had been stamped on. Even the inside had effort put into it surrounding each can was a pattern each coloured the same as the can. On top of that the box included a drinks recipe for each drink. Probably details that most would overlook but for me packaging is the first impression of a product so it’s important.

The cans where the standard size for 330ml. I loved the design I found it to be quite modern and somehow I immediately felt like these drinks would be great for drink for summer. The main appeal was the way they displayed the information. Although it’s a small can it had plenty of information on. On one side was its name but on the reverse was a very brief description of the product. Each line changes font to it’s refreshing to read and keeps your reading. The only bad point is some of the colours of the font on the white background are not easy to read so it would help if they were slightly darker. Let’s face it though who cares about that when it tastes so good.

Both of the drinks where bursting with flavour. What I enjoyed the most was the fact not all the flavours merged when tasting. Interestingly with the ginger beer, first you’re hit with spicy, tingling ginger then you taste the sweet apple to calm your taste buds. Likewise with the elderflower I could taste this first then had a hit of sharp lemon. It was nice to have depth of taste as opposed to two flavours that merge into one. The flavours of these drinks work very well together and are really refreshing. If you’re like me and fizzy drinks are not your favourite then these are great as they are more on the side of sparkling than fizzy.

The price is very reasonable considering the ingredients used are very fresh. The drinks are made without any concentrates, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colourings which are rare for a fizzy drink. These drinks are a much cheaper alternative to alcohol. Sometimes you just don’t feel like drinking but your options are limited and almost childish. The great thing about these drinks is that you will feel mature and be able to enjoy a drink that excites your palate and is mature. It’s a great concept.

I would defiantly recommend these drinks, but to a mature palate. The drinks are quite sophisticated and therefore probably wouldn’t be palatable for children. The elderflower lemonade would be great in the summer as it’s very fresh. I would drink the ginger beer all year around but it would be great in the colder months to warm you up if you’re not into tea or coffee.  Both very easy drinking.

Overall I rate these drinks 5 out of 5 and appreciate the company has looked into developing an adult soft drink which is so enjoyable.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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