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Casdon Toy Kenwood Mixer Review


Reviewed by Michelle

Being the very keen and eager baker that I am and having a number of grandchildren of various ages from 3 upwards, I could not wait to get my hands on the Casdon Kenwood Mixer and give it a go.

Firstly, it is a great piece of kit. There are a number of accessories, all of which are removable, just like an adult mixer.

Whilst there is a ‘switch’, this is actually for show, so to lift it up, this has to be done manually.

What makes this piece of equipment great is that it comes with a handle which you place in the top and use it by hand.

I have to say that, the mixer overall, is not advisable for making things such as cakes as the mechanism is not strong enough which was disappointing. However, it works absolutely brilliantly for making cookies and biscuits. We even made good old fashioned chocolate cornflakes and chocolate rice crispies… lol… the grandchildren absolutely loved it. Something I would really advice doing, is that once you have finished, lift it up, take the bowl out off the stand and use a spoon to finish mixing the mixture.

On top of the mixer is a crank handle, simply turn and mix, alternatively, you can actually use 1 of the 2 battery operated speeds to mix-up your really tasty ingredients.

The electronic motor part of the mixer is ok (you will need 2 AA/UM-3/ 6R Batteries) but I found using the handle was much stronger, these are both dependant on what you are mixing. There is an instruction manual which relates to the batteries, from how to install them to the type of batteries, ie, standard and rechargeable batteries. It also explains to remove the hand crabs when using the battery power. The batteries go in under the base of the mixer.

From a safety perspective and finger trap regulations, the instruction manual also explained that the whisk component may not mix mixtures of great viscosity, hence why I mentioned about lifting the mixer up and taking the bowl out off the stand and use a spoon to finish mixing the mixture.

To help you remove any mixture from the bowl, there is also a very cute and sturdy spatula. The handle is very strong with the tip of it being very flexible as you would expect, as it allows you to move around the bowl to scrape out the contents in the bowl.

It comes well packaged with the bowl covered in tissue paper and the crank handle, beater and whisk placed inside of the bowl. This and the mixer are then placed inside a clear plastic bag and then placed very securely in the box. I decided to keep the plastic bag and box and everything tidies away nicely and keeps it all in one place. On top of the mixer is a clear film which you will need to peel off to insert the crank handle.

On the front of the mixer is an adjustable dial and just to the side of it is what looks like a leaver of some sort but this does not move.

Lifting the mixer up to place the whisk or beater under and place the bowl is very easy. Lift it up and there are a couple of notches which lock it into place, leaving your hands free to place the whisk or beater in and put the bowl in too. The bowl is easily placed into the stand with a locking mechanism, meaning that once it is locked in, it will not move. Just place the bowl on the stand, twist clockwise to lock in and anti-clockwise to unlock. Where the beater and whisk goes in, be sure to make sure you level it up as there are 2 different slots within the same section, you just push in and pull out. Once you are done, gently push the arm that lifts up the mixer and then lower it, it has a slow release and will stop so far down, just gently push it down from that point and you are then ready to go.

The icing on the cake, literally lol, is the fact that the mixer even comes with a recipe booklet and has a number of different languages. This is so cute and the younger grandchildren loved it. The recipes are listed below and those marked with an * are the ones we made:-

1. * Sponge Cake
2. * Pizza
3. * Flapjacks
4. Banana Bread
5. Hey Cookies

The above recipes are very well details from ingredients to instructions.

Suitable for ages 3+ and advised to be accompanied by an adult.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.00

At the time of writing this review, a great price at just £19.46 from Amazon who came out cheapest, just click on this link here.

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