Cartamundi Childrens Card Games Review


Cartamundi Card Games

We recently received 2 traditional card games from Cartamundi for review: Happy Families and Farmyard Donkey.



Happy Families
This card game is for children aged 4 years and over and for 3-6 players so will keep you family amused. The idea of the game is to make a family of 4 out of the cards. You do this by asking other players if they have a person from that family. As the cards are also colour coded it is great for the younger players to get involved if they cannot read very well yet. Whoever collects the most number of families wins.



Farmyard Donkey
This card game is for children 4 years and over and for 2 more players. These are bright and colourful cards so are very appealing to children. This is a memory game like pairs so is great for children’s concentration. When you get a pair it is placed in the centre of the table and whoever gets rid of all their cards first is the winner. Whoever is left holding the donkey card is the loser.



Overall, these are great sets of card games that every family should have. They are very simple to set up and play/put away and lots of family fun. At only 99p per set (4 different sets to collect) they are great value and can be taken anywhere with you to relieve children’s boredom.

Great fun and excellent value for money!

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