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Camping And Caravanning Essentials Sealskinz Socks And Cap And OOFOS Ooahh Sandals Review


Reviewed by Becky B

With warmer summer days approaching, I was pleased to be chosen to ‘road test’ a camping/caravanning bundle of products and with my daughter undertaking her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, we were fast becoming experts in the field (literally)!

The bundle consisted of Sealskinz socks, a Sealskinz cap and OOFOS Recovery Sandals, which I’m ashamed to say, I hadn’t heard of prior to our test. From placing the order, the items came quickly and were well packaged as you would expect. The socks and the cap were quickly put to test on an early expedition and even our picky teenager was singing their praises. Being new to the camping sector, we had seen so many ranges of socks aimed at walkers and hikers and felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of choice, but I had never seen a product like the Sealskinz socks. The socks we were trialling were the ‘Warm weather, waterproof socks, with Hydrostop’ in the shorter length, which are available in a range of colours, we had blue. On first inspection, the socks didn’t appear too different from any other walking socks, but upon closer inspection and trying on the socks for the first time, they had a very different feel. The socks held their form more consistently than the typical woolly socks and felt smooth and almost silky when you put them on and I would definitely describe them as lightweight, perfect for warmer weather. Even though we are (hopefully) approaching some warmer weather, with the good old British summertime, nothing is guaranteed, and the weekend of my daughters’ expedition was no different. She tested the socks in mixed weather, warm to begin with, then becoming colder and wet. She found them to be really comfortable in all conditions and despite hiking about 20miles she came home blister free, which is due to them being seam free and keeping her feet nice and dry, with no need for a sock liner (although these are also available on the website). To really put the waterproofing of the socks to the test she decided to test this out by taking off her hiking boots and running around a wet field with just the socks on, she was thrilled her feet stayed dry. The advice on the website is to go up a size if you are at the top of the size band, and although my daughter is a size 8 shoe, the medium sock fitted perfectly. On the website there are plenty of choices if you prefer a thicker or warmer sock and different lengths according to your preference.

The cap was also a winner and again passed the picky teen test. The Sealskinz caps are very reasonably priced at £20 and are an understated design, being a single colour with just some accent stitching and again the unique Sealskinz waterproof layer. The cap worked perfectly when a downpour came and was worn under the hood of my daughters’ jacket, which shielded her face a little. The waterproof layer once again held up to the test and kept her dry (and warm) as promised. The caps come in a range of sizes but are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit. Again, the cap is lightweight and breathable, to help keep you cool in the summer or warm in the colder weather. I would say that the cap is probably most suitable to spring, summer and autumn trips, but there are also some great woolly hats with the Sealskinz technology that would be great for cold weather trips.

Although these products were tested out on a hiking and camping trip, they have so many uses as part of everyday life and would be suitable for those who walk the dog in all weathers, people who enjoy fishing or even runners and cyclists.

The final product tested was the OOFOS recovery sandals, and the style I trailed was a slider type sandal which would be perfect to slip on after a long day walking – great for sore or tired feet – and I guess they are called the Ooahh sandal for this reason. They are made of an ultra-lightweight material and really put a spring back in your step, providing a cushioning that is second to none, providing instant relief for sore feet and absorbing the impact on joints – perfect after a long day walking or playing your favourite sport. They are a comfy snug fit and even have arch support, not like some usual ‘flip-flops’ meaning that your foot is cocooned, not slipping and sliding around, the OOFOS sandals really provide support for your feet, not something I would expect from a ‘flip-flop’ sandal.

The slider sandals are a great addition to any camping, holiday or even sports kit and are available in Men’s and Women’s stylings. The lightweight nature of the sandals means that they won’t be adding too much in the way of bulk to your kit if this is a concern. The sandals are available from the website and there is plenty of choice both in terms of colour and a range of different styles including a toe post sandals if sliders are not your cup of tea. They are machine washable; they also wipe clean and are very robust, meaning they are built to last.

I found the OOFOS and Sealskinz websites easy to navigate with plenty of information about their products, features and how to accurately size for the products – which I find important when buying on-line. The ordering process is quick and easy as you would expect of any online store and delivery was quick and reliable. On my many trips to high street stores to buy camping equipment, I did not find products of this quality and had it not been for this trial, I would not have discovered these amazing products, which despite the advanced technology and performance are on a par with high street prices. I would highly recommend the Sealskinz socks and cap and the OOFOS recovery sandals for anyone who has an interest in hiking, walking, camping and sports in general, they are good value for money and are able deliver high quality, consistently reliable products.

Rating: I would rate all products 5/5 stars

Sealskinz Warm weather socks with Hydrostop (ankle length) £27.50
Sealskinz Waterproof all weather cap in Black £20
Both products can be bought from the Sealskinz website here.

Oofos Ooahh slide sandal in Mauve £45 available from the Oofos website here.

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