Cadbury Easter Cottage Review


Reviewed by Julie Powell

With the Easter holidays now upon us what better way to keep any chocolate lover happy than with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Cottage Kit. My boys aged 7 and 6 have inherited my very sweet tooth so when they saw that this had arrived for us to review both of their eyes lit up so wide and they were so excited to get building it right away.

The kit itself is contained in a cottage shaped box which also contains the very easy to follow instructions on the back and is every chocoholic’s dream as it contains the following: –

2 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars 200g 2 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars 95g 2 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Spring Edition Bars 100g with Peter Rabbit on them 2 x Cadbury White Buttons Bag 14.5g 1 x Cadbury Mini Eggs Treat Size Bag 38.5g A template to use to cut out the sides of the cottage.

Now came the fun part of building our cottage, this actually turned out to be so much fun and more of a challenge than expected as sadly some of our bars of chocolate had arrived slightly broken (this is probably due to the lack of packaging surrounding the kit ) So our first challenge of building the cottage was to fix the broken bits using our chocolate glue (this is made from melting the remnants in the microwave) we were thankfully able to salvage all the bars apart from the 2nd roof bar as this was sadly too broken to repair but it did come in very handy to nibble whilst we constructed the rest of the cottage!

Once we had managed to get the bars back into one piece, we followed the very easy instructions from the box (these were in picture form with a brief written description of what to do and were extremely easy to follow) and constructed our cottage, the kit comes with white buttons and mini eggs to decorate the cottage with which were just the right amount. Before we began, I was very dubious that we would be able to actually get the cottage to stand up and look reminiscent of the design on the kit but it was surprisingly easy to do and actually felt quite sturdy even if half the chocolate glue ended up in the boy’s bellies!

All in all, it took us around half an hour to build and was definitely very fun and messy and a perfect activity to do over the Easter hols and I would say that it is suitable for any age with parental guidance aka holding the sides together whilst the cottage sets!!!

We decided to leave our cottage overnight in order to allow for the chocolate glue to fully set before we broke in to it to eat. As always with Cadbury’s the chocolate was just as delicious as it always is and I had no complaints from my two whilst they were tucking into it!

The product is priced at £16 and If I saw it on the supermarket shelves, I’d definitely take a look as it’s something different to do rather than make the traditional Easter cornflake cakes.

I would rate this a 4/5 as even though our kit wasn’t in perfect it still provided us with lots of fun and probably even made the experience all the more fun for us!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £16.00

It is available to purchase from Cadbury gifts here:- (just don’t blame me if you get tempted with some of the other amazing Easter delights they have to offer!)

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